10 Foods I Can’t Wait to Eat After I Wean My Son

Many breastfeeding mamas are forced to eliminate some type of food from their diets in one way or another. For me, it ended up being several different foods. For almost twenty months I’ve given up some of my favorite foods – eggs, dairy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, corn, barley, oats, and peas. Some of the food groups I’ve missed more than others. Some food items I’ve been dreaming about eating for quite some time. So much so, that I found myself making a list. And today I’m sharing that list with you.


10 Foods I Can't Wait to Eat After I Wean My Son

1. Pizza – Technically I could list pizza for all ten, but for entertainment value, I’ll list nine more.

2. Tomato Mozzarella Salad – Tomatoes & basil are delicious, but without that mozzarella it just isn’t complete and I’ve been craving this combo for too long.

3. Peanut Butter Oatmeal – One of my favorite pre-race meals was eliminated from my diet during my training for the NYC marathon. It was tough giving this up, but I managed somehow. Even though I’ll be done with marathons for the year, I’ll be happy to reintroduce peanut butter oatmeal back into my pre-race meals.

4. Milk Chocolate – Easter, Valentine’s Day and the Christmas season were all very tough for me. My self control was definitely tested. Typically I don’t crave chocolate, but you know what they say about wanting what you can’t have. Godiva, I’m coming for you!

5. Sushi – Sushi without soy sauce?? Not so much. Unfortunately, I’ve been holding back on my favorite dish because it’s just not the same without that salty sauce. Dry sushi just doesn’t taste as enjoyable. And with all my favorite rolls, there’s always a mayo or egg substance that I had to avoid. That being said, as soon as I am able to eat sushi again, I have found an amazing cooking class on the CocuSocial website that teaches you everything you need to know to make your own sushi at home. Cookery has always been a passion of mine and I cannot wait to get cooking all of my favorite dishes again really soon.

6. Shrimp Pad Thai – Another one of my favorite dishes that contains peanuts and soy sauce. Hubby has even avoided our favorite Thai spot to help support my elimination of this one.

7. Chicken Nachos with All. The. Cheese. – Sour cream, salsa, guacamole and all that gooey cheese sounds like heaven. It may give me a tummy ache, but at least I’ll enjoy the process.

8. Au gratin potatoes – I’m so sick of plain potatoes. But a loaded baked potato or potatoes au gratin sounds so tasty compared to the plain potatoes I’ve been eating for the past 10 months.

9. Breakfast burrito – my hubby makes the best breakfast burritos and I’m so going to enjoy one of those as soon as possible.

10. Coffee Creamer – I’ve been drinking black coffee for about a year and I still haven’t been converted. I miss my creamer probably the most out of everything.


Is there anything that you have eliminated from your diet that you just cannot wait to eat again?

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5 thoughts on “10 Foods I Can’t Wait to Eat After I Wean My Son”

    1. It hasn’t been pretty. I’ve eaten the. same. thing. every. day. Pretty much have survived on breakfast sausage, potatoes, rice (I’ve even eaten rice for breakfast) and meat & veggies. Avocado has been my savior.

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