10 Things to Keep in Your Family Sick Bucket

When your whole family comes down with the flu, nobody feels like taking care of anybody, but somebody’s got to take care of everybody. And you known that somebody is probably you!

So what can you do to make sure your efforts go the distance, so you won’t have to?

How about stocking up a sick bucket for those times of desperation?

We have a sick bucket that we have recently put together and keep handy in the kid’s closet. After coming down with the flu a couple weeks ago while my husband was out of town, I realized I wasn’t prepared for emergency sick situations. I had to scour the pantry and medicine cabinet to gather together all my comforts and necessities while I was miserably suffering symptoms of the flu. Thankfully, only I had the worst of it at that time, so I really only had to worry about myself, but I can’t imagine falling violently ill at the same time as my little ones. In the case that I do, I’m now prepared to the best I know with my fully stocked sick bucket. And let’s be honest. If something were to happen in my absence, my husband would never be able to find most of these items without my help.

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What’s a sick bucket?

It’s an emergency kit stocked full of items you consider helpful or necessary in the instant that you or your family become ill. Instead of trying to round up supplies, or dashing off to the pharmacy as soon as symptoms hit, you can rest (somewhat) easy knowing that your family is set up for most sick situation. That’s why it’s so important to have everything ready for the flu season. In addition to that, it might also be worth getting each member of your family a Hand Sanitizer to keep on them at all times. This should reduce their chances of picking up any germs or bacteria, ensuring that there’s no need to get the sick bucket out. However, if you do need to use the sick bucket, you’ll be prepared with the following supplies. IMG_6563

Here’s what we keep in our sick bucket.


1. A Sturdy Bucket – for obvious reasons.

2. Electrolyte Drinks – It’s as easy as tossing a couple tubes of Nuun in the bucket. Then you can simply drop a tab in a bottle water or a tumbler to combat dehydration.

3. Thermometer – We have one of those Braun electric ear thermometers. We keep it handy for times like these. We try to keep a good stash of backup batteries in the closet and keep the plastic guards in there as well.

4. Straws – If you’re like me, you barely want to move your head when you’re sick. Straws make horizontal drinking possible, and for that, we thank you..

5. Washcloths and Towels – For bringing down those high fevers or propping up a weak head on the couch.

6. Saltine Crackers – For when nothing else will stay down.

7. Vicks Vapor Rub – Sing a round of Sleepy Kitty and massage some of this into your child or spouses chest to help relieve stuffy little noses.

8. Vinyl Table Cloth – Perfect for protecting carpets, sofas, and anything else from projectile body fluids..

9. Disinfecting Spray and Wipes – Along the same lines as the vinyl table cloth, you will need the wipes and spray for easy clean ups.

10. Paper Towels – When serving soup on the couch or leaving medicine droppers on the end table, you don’t want to leave rings or stains. Toss a couple paper towels near the infected’s area and keep the mess to a minimum.


What are some things you think I may have missed?

What is one thing you have to have whenever you are sick?


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4 thoughts on “10 Things to Keep in Your Family Sick Bucket”

  1. Interesting! I’ve never heard of a sick bucket. My husband recently had a quick stomach bug and I found myself at the grocery store on Saturday morning early because we didn’t have Gatorade, crackers or ginger ale. I can imagine this concept would be incredibly helpful with kids! I’ve heard plenty of stories about cleaning up after unpleasant illnesses.

    1. Yes, Christine. The minute it hits, you’re entire world comes crashing down. And kids are needy enough, but when they’re sick, it’s amplified times ten. Having that stuff readily available saves so much headache.

  2. nuun is the best addition for a sick bucket! I never thought about having one (luckily its just myself and my boyfriend, so if he gets sick he is directed to our second bedroom), but good to have for future reference!

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