15 in 2015

Yay for Fridays!!!!   I hope everyone had a spectacular new years. In typical Friday Five fashion, I’ve linked up with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar for another glorious edition of the Friday Five.  Please go visit their blogs and show them some love.  This week we are talking about goals.  

Today marks the first Friday of the new year and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  A new year means a fresh start and a whole new set of goals.  Among other things, this year I’m going to attempt something I have yet to try before.  I’m setting myself a race goal.  

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen plenty of other determined runners with aspirations to complete the “13 in ’13” and “14 in ’14”    I’ve always thought that was reaching, especially given the cost of some races, but this year is going to be the year of my first marathon, so I thought it would be a perfect way to keep me motivated as I prepare myself for 26.2.  

So listed below is the beginning of my list of 15 races that I will complete by the year’s end.  15 in 2015


Best Damn Race Jacksonville Half Marathon  

Gasparilla 5k

Best Damn Race Safety Harbor Half Marathon

Best Damn Race Orlando Half Marathon  

Gate River Run 10k  

First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon  

Athleta Iron Girl Clearwater

TCS NYC Marathon  

Best Damn Race Cape Coral Half Marathon   


As you can count, there’s only nine races on my schedule so far.  The year has just begun, so obviously I will add more as the year unfolds.  Most likely I’ll add in a few 5ks and fun runs to spruce up the list since most of these races are half marathons.    They will all be leading up to my grandest attempt with the NYC Marathon.  

And as you can tell, I will be busy running all the Best Damn Races this year.  That is because I’m one of their race ambassadors, if you didn’t know, and because this year they are offering a challenge to RUN ALL FOUR HALF MARATHONS for a chance to score this awesome Mich Ultra Challenge Medal.  BDR Challenge Quad MedalI had to.  I couldn’t resist.  The challenge pack also rewards runners with a Bottle Opener, Pilsner Glass and the BDR Slingpack.  Whoop Whoop!!!  More bling for me. ****Remember to use my discount code HALEYD when you register, so you can save $5.****

By the way, if you’d like to join in on our January Instagram Challenge you should go check it out.  This year, we’re doing medal-a-day for the month of January! Don’t have 31 medals yet? That’s ok! Post what ya got! #medaladay  


What races do you have on your calendar for 2015?  

Do you know of any must-do races that I should add to my list?

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23 thoughts on “15 in 2015”

  1. Good for you. I’ve been contemplating 15 in 15 as well. AND yes, the expense is what holds me back 🙂
    I still might though. I’m also considering back to back marathons and already registered for my first Ultra (50K). Ottawa Race Weekend http://www.runottawa.ca/ and Toronto http://www.torontowaterfrontmarathon.com/en/index.htm are both amazing races and once that must be experienced 🙂 If you are ever in Canada. Best of luck, look forward to following your journey.

  2. The Iron Girl half marathon is a great race. I did that one a couple of years ago. Those bridges are killer! But the view is really nice. Favorite part was the girl scout cookies half way through. I’m really thinking about doing the BDR in Orlando. I just think it would be a beautiful course.

  3. Good for you! No 15 in 15 for me. I did 13 in 13 a couple years ago and met it pretty easily but then was injured for 14 in 14 and had to bag it. I think I ended up with 14 anyway but I’d rather not give myself a goal like that given uncertainty. I’ve never heard of Best Damn Race series! will need to check it out. Good luck with your goals this year!

    1. I think you’d love Best Damn Race. Its a smaller race series created by runners for runners. The courses are on or near the water and the finish line parties are one of the best with free food, beer, and complimentary massages. The bling is pretty sweet too.

  4. GAH! This is fantastic, Haley! And you’re running NYC this year?!? Amazing! Can’t wait to see you cross that finish line! You’re going to have an amazing running year; can’t wait to see how things unfold! Woo hoo! Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Those all sound like such great races!! Gate river has a 10k?
    I’ve done a bunch of the ones on your list and can’t wait to do a few of them again this year!! I will also be doing the gasparilla challenge, sarasota half, and safety harbor half!! Happy new year!

  6. I did a 5k with Girls on the Run International last month that was pretty cool! I haven’t run a full marathon in FOREVER… thinking I need to pick one and start training!

  7. That’s an awesome goal! I ran 14 in 2014 and ended up doing 3 virtual races because of time, money, and location (I’m in Alaska so it’s tough sometimes). The rest of them definitely cost a lot but it was such a fun goal! Good luck!

  8. wow!! 15 races this year. That’s amazing! I am so impressed. I am just thinking of maybe trying to get in shape for a 5k this spring. Postpartum exercise turned out to be way harder than I thought.

    1. Awhhh. I’m sorry you’re having a tough PP exercise experience. I’m very blessed to be able to do as much as I can.
      Good luck on your 5k training. I can admit that it’s definitely a tougher path after having kids.

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