25 Things you didn’t know about me

This Blog is still pretty new. I’m enjoying it so far and I’m doing my best to post as much as possible. I realize the majority of my audience at this point is my close friends and family (thanks for the support mom), but I’m starting to notice a few newcomers here and there. So I got a little creative with a few random facts about me to help you understand just who I am and where I’ve come from. My husband helped me come up with some of this stuff too. He really knows me best.

So here’s a list of things you probably didn’t (and maybe don’t want to) know about me.

  1. I sweat from my knees. (I bet you didn’t want to know that one.)
  2. I am a born Floridian. Born and raised in Tampa, I moved to Orlando for 7 years during my twenties, then returned to my hometown, where I live now.
  3. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
  4. I’ve seen the Dave Matthews Band perform live over 17 times. I’ve actually lost count over the years, but I know it’s over 17 because that’s how many I can actually remember.
  5. I played softball in high school and in college. I was a shortstop. I quit when my college coach tried to convert me to a first baseman. I don’t regret that decision at all.
  6. I own entirely too many purses, shoes and articles of clothing. Waayyyy too much. It’s borderline hoarding. j/k
  7. I used to box. I was undefeated until my very last match. I ended my career with a 17-1-0 record.
  8. I am a career bartender(I’ve struggled to admit that before). I managed a restaurant for several years in Orlando before returning to slinging drinks. I enjoy the freedom and the flexibility that bartending provides me…. and the money is pretty good too.
  9. I am a Mad Dog certified Spin Instructor and Gravity Instructor. After having my daughter I decided to take some time off. I will resume teaching one day, but for now I prefer my time at home with her.
  10. I met my husband while playing co-ed softball. We played on a social league. After seeing me play the first week, he arranged to be placed on my team. He was impressed with my athletic skills (that’s what he says), and I thought he was HOT! We still play co-ed softball on Friday nights together.
  11. I went through a slight piercing phase in my twenties.
  12. I was on MTV’s Say What Karaoke when I was in college. Me and my roommate/best friend auditioned while on Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico and we made it onto the show. We sang “One Week” by The Barenaked Ladies.
  13. My hair has been dyed every color, Red, Blonde, Brown, Black. I’m currently growing out my natural color, so this is the closest I’ve been to my real color in over a decade.
  14. I am a slight adrenaline junkie. I’ve been skydiving four times and bungie jumping twice. One day, I’d like to swim with Great Whites – protected by a cage, of course.
  15. I would like to complete a 200 hr yoga teacher training program.
  16. I am a Christian.
  17. I have never ridden a horse.
  18. I have ridden an elephant.
  19. I had to wear braces twice. I didn’t wear my retainer properly the first time around so I had to do it all over again a second time.
  20. My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. (I would eat an entire pint in one sitting while pregnant.)
  21. I hog the TV remote.
  22. I had lasik surgery when I was 26.
  23. I am constantly tapping my toes. Mostly, it’s to a beat but sometimes it’s just randomness. My husband says I do it in my sleep (a slight over exaggeration).
  24. I could easily win first prize in a belching contest. Seriously, I sound like a dinosaur when I burp.
  25. I don’t like cucumbers or lobster, but I’ll eat mostly anything else.

What do you think about my random facts? Leave me a comment below with a random fact about you.

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