30 Day #MomLife Plank Challenge

**Disclaimer:   Please consult with your doctor or another healthcare professional before beginning this challenge or any fitness program.  The following is to be used for educational purposes and is based on my personal experience.  You should always consult with a physician or healthcare professional for any questions pertaining to your health or wellbeing.  


If you’ve been following me on Instagram stories you probably saw my post yesterday about how I started a 30 day #Plankchallenge And if you’re not following me on Instagram, you’re really missing out, because I post there waaaaaay more than I do here. Like way more. So go visit my Insta right now and follow me, Before you forget. I’ll wait here….. Also, feel free to download my stories if you like, as they might help you get into the plank challenge! And don’t worry, you can download instagram stories anonymously if you really don’t want me to know you’re doing it, haha!
Okay, So this 30-day plank challenge was something I’ve seen plenty of times, plenty of people do them and I wanted to get my run group in on the challenge. And back when I started blogging almost five years ago and only had one child, I used to do the whole #plankaday thing and it was great. I would come home from running, spend 10 minutes on a relaxing cooldown and stretch session then knock out a 1 – 2 minute plank before hitting the shower. But now that I have TWO kiddos and a waaaay busier schedule, I struggle just to get my stretches done before getting tackled and subdued with motherly duties.

You mammas know what I’m talking about.

And if I’m being completely honest with you and myself, I’ve really really slacked on the cross training all across the board. So putting some focus on core work is right where I need to be.  And I have just the perfect little break before I have to shift my mindset back to marathon training.  Eeeek!  I signed up for another one of those.
And who doesn’t love a good 30 day challenge???   I know I do.

And since I had some requests to post the challenge, I whipped up an image to share on social media and here it is.  I’ve made it extra fun for us mammas of youngins too.  Make sure to check out the graphic for all the details.  You can do any plank variation you’d like.  Feel free to mix it up on different days too to keep from getting bored.  I will probably switch back and forth from low forearm planks and full extended planks.



Any way you want to do it, you just have to have fun with it.  And remember, form is crucial with planks to avoid injury and maximize effectiveness.  If you need help with your form, try to set up near a mirror or take a picture of your form to see where you need focus.  Always be sure to hit these form bullet points to ensure you’re performing the planks properly.

  • Line up your shoulders over your hands
  • Keep body in total alignment from your head to your heels.  It should resemble a straight “plank” (thus the name?)
  • Squeeze Glutes
  • Tuck in tummy and engage abs
  • Keep neck in neutral position looking down at your hands
  • Push balls of feet downward into the mat
  • Direct weight of body forward
  • Don’t let your hips drop down

*** For an extensive explanation and a great video on plank variations, visit this article from Mind Body Green. 

 Would you like to plank with us this month??



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