My name is Haley and I’m slightly obsessed with running, skincare, Lululemon, kale, kombucha and living life to the fullest.

I’m a jeans and tee shirt kind of gal who likes thrill rides, rock concerts, steamy showers, extra guac, audio books, podcasts, and essential oils.

I’m a boisterous, social butterfly, but I also love my private alone time to read, write and recharge, which rarely happens at home because of my two young kiddos, so I often use my runs as my alone time. 

I think folks who talk loudly on their cell phones in public are inconsiderate and I am not afraid to tell them I think so. I like to plan out my schedule and often get frustrated when things don’t go as planned, but I also enjoy a little spontaneity, as long as I have time to make myself look pretty beforehand. 

I tend to shoot from the hip and value the truth over sparing feelings. This has cost me a few friends over the years, but all things considered, they weren’t really friends, just acquaintances.

I generally don’t concern myself with the opinions of others, but I do welcome constructive criticism, because I recognize that I am flawed and can only improve if I shut up and listen to others once in a while.  

When I’m not chasing after my two little ones, you can find me out running, shopping, eating, or working at sandwich or coffee shop.

Life definitely isn’t easy in the throws of motherhood, but I’m trying to find balance the best I can.  

I hope you’ll stay and allow me to share a piece of my crazy life with you.

Haley is a wife, SAHM, runner and yoga enthusiast. She's a chapter leader for Moms Run This Town and very active in the race community where she lives. She spends her time juggling the duties of motherhood, while training for her various endurance style events.

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