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Haley is a wife, SAHM, runner and yoga enthusiast. She's a chapter leader for Moms Run This Town and very active in the race community where she lives. She spends her time juggling the duties of motherhood, while training for her various endurance style events.

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Silent Sunday

Carving Jack o’lanterns Excited for family themed costumes  Planning for a safe & sober celebration Roommates Reunited Drooling over these.   Changing up my hair do My pumpkin The two  Working on my flexibility  Where does the obesession end? Kitchen Ideas My life Hope you enjoy your Sunday!!

Happy Two Years to Harrison

It happened.  My baby boy turned two. I hear people talk all the time about the years flying by – and I think I even commented something like this on Harrison’s one year update – but until these milestones hit, you really don’t realize just how fast the time passes.  The days are Continue Reading …

True Life: My Daughter Nearly Strangled Herself in the Window Blinds

You know those cliche phrases you hear in news stories or on-camera interviews after tragedies.  You know what I’m talking about. “I never thought it could happen to us.”   “I only turned my back for a minute”  “How could I be so careless?” We have all seen or heard someone Continue Reading …