#BabyStrong Review and Discount Code

Through my affiliation with Fit Approach, I was presented with the opportunity to try out the Baby Strong Workout in exchange for my honest opinion.


Motherhood brings along many things.  It brings lots of joy, some worry, patience, and more love than you can imagine, but one thing it does not bring you, is extra time for yourself.  From the moment you wake up to just about the time you go to sleep, you are focused on the many needs of your children. Because of this, many new moms don’t even attempt to workout when their babies are infants because they are so focused on giving them so much of their time and attention.  Even into the toddler phase, it can be extremely difficult to plan for workouts with a child that is so needy.

Thankfully, there is an amazing workout option available from Baby Strong Workout, where you don’t have to find time away from your children to workout.  Baby Strong Workout is an exercise program that incorporates your baby into every single exercise, so that you can take care of your baby while you take care of yourself.


What is it?

Baby Strong Workout is a fun, effective workout option that helps moms of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels feel strong, healthy, happy and confident.

It consists of an innovative deck of “mommy and me” exercise cards that incorporate your baby in every single exercise. Baby is held by you the entire time, either as your weight during resistance exercises or in your arms while you stretch and strengthen. With this program, there is no need to choose between caring for your baby and caring for yourself.   You can combine both.  By carrying your baby while you workout, you are able to bond with him or her while you build functional strength to complete all of the things that new moms need to do.


Baby Strong Challenge2



The Baby Strong Challenge

During my trial of the baby strong workout, I participated in the five day challenge.  Each day, there was a specific selection of workouts designed to incorporate my son into each exercise as weight for strength training.  In addition to the selection of exercises, I was instructed to carry him around in my arms for a specific amount of time as I walked through my house and outside while walking the dog (technically, I could walk anywhere with him, but this is where I walked with him during the challenge).

Each day, the challenge directed me to a different circuit of exercises within the card system:  Upper body, Lower Body. Core and Total Body.  Within each circuit, individual exercise cards contained specific and clearly explained directions on how to properly complete each movement and how to maintain proper alignment during movement.  I would complete each one along with the specified duration of walking for the day.

My Thoughts

I loved the simplicity of this program. Most of the exercises are extremely functional and are already a part of my strength training program.   Having gone through all the exercises as a part of this challenge, I now know how to adapt my workouts to include my son when he wants or needs to participate. It’s actually really nice, especially for the age that he is currently at (he is 17 months), because some days he will play easily by himself and other days he just wants to be held and entertained.  Having the modifications available allows me to keep working out despite his temperament for the day.

Because Harrison is so lightweight, I was able to complete all the workouts without difficulty.  I would imagine someone with a heavier baby would need to modify depending on their level of fitness and ability.  However, just because your child doesn’t weight a lot doesn’t necessarily make them a perfect partner.  Take a squirmy baby and attempt to hold them still in your arms as you try to perform any movement where your muscles are tensing up, and you may get a little discouraged. Try to think of it this way.  Because all of the workout can be performed in the comfort of you home, you can always choose to return to that particular exercise at a later time when baby may be more cooperative, or possibly when they’re asleep.

Overall, I really enjoyed the opportunity to include my son into my workouts in a way that could add to our time together.  it was a really great bonding time between us.  And because the cards are small enough to travel with, I was able to take it along with us to the park.  We stored the deck of cards easily under our stroller and my daughter was able to play with her friends on the playground while Harrison and I spent our mommy and me time together doing a workout.

baby strong workout 2




Have you ever tried to workout with your kiddos?

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