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The Best Damn Race  is coming to

Orlando, FL.


Use the discount code HALEYD to receive $5

off any distance for Best Damn Race Safety

Harbor or Orlando.



When I first heard about this local race series called The Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor last year,  I was really curious to participate, because it was advertised as ‘A Race for Runners by Runners.”  I was still a fairly inexperienced runner at the time. I had only ran a half marathon and an obstacle race at that point, so the appeal of having a race specifically catered from the runner’s perspective was definitely alluring.  Then I heard about the price point for Best Damn Race with the registration process and I was sold. (The first registrants can snag an entry for $1.00)

Let’s face it.  Race registrations can send a person into the red if they’re not careful.  To hear that Best Damn Race was granting the runners who get the jump on registration a significant price break was the first clue that this truly was a race for runners, as advertised.  

The course for Best Damn Race toured through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Safety Harbor and took race participants through the gorgeous paths of Ream Wilson Trail.  

You can check out my entire race recap here from the inaugural race for 2013.  

One of the factors I look at when deciding on which races to register for is size.  In the racing world, bigger isn’t always better, and Best Damn Race knows that.  BDR limits the amount of participants in each race to provide a quality race experience.  You’re not going to see a bottleneck of racers fiercely attempting to scale walls and jump curbs in effort to pass others along this race course.  


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Now that race director Nick Zivolich has branched out into the Orlando market for another best damn race, he recruited some of the running community to help him represent his awesome organization.  

 I was extremely thrilled and honored to be asked to join his team and become a race ambassador for Best Damn Race.  


I am already registered for the Half Marathon for both Safety Harbor & Orlando for 2014 and would love to have you join me.  If you need another reason (other than my attendance) to join this race event, here are just a couple others:


  • Best Damn T-Shirt (Women’s & Men’s Tech T’s)
  • Best Damn Finisher Medals (all races)
  • Best Damn Health & Fitness Expo (2 Days)
  • Best Damn Goodie Bags
  • Best Damn Post Race Party
  • Best Damn Entry Fee
  • Free Food, Beer & Massages
  • Free Race Photos & Video (for those who register before 11/11/13)
  • Listed As “MUST DO RACE”  by Competitor Magazine (February 2013)



Use the discount code HALEYD to receive $5 off any race

Best Damn Race for Safety Harbor and $5 off the Orlando

Half Marathon.  

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