Cable TV, Keurig Giveaway Winner and Vitamins

This is completely out of left field and it really doesn’t relate to my rehab or injury recovery, but did you guys know that Brighthouse/Time Warner Cable finally came to an agreement with their contractual negotiations with CBS? That is wonderful news to me! That means I can finally resume the final season of Dexter on Showtime.

For the past month, CBS and Time Warner have been negotiating their contracts with one another. Due to the length of time it was requiring to come to an agreement, one of my favorite channels was blacked out. It just so happens that one of my favorite shows, of all time, is broadcast on that channel. And it just so happens that they are in the final episodes of their final season, so I was not a very happy subscriber. I’ve been watching that show for 7 years!!!! How dare they remove it from my primetime lineup. WTF? (Why the Face?) Thankfully, the channel, and my shows, have all returned to my cable provider. So I will be happily catching up on the past month of Dexter for the next few days. That makes me happy.

Oh, and since I’m so happy, let me make someone else leap for joy……Congratulations to Amanda B. You won the giveaway for the Keurig Brew Over Ice prize package. Send me your email so I can get your prize pack in the mail ASAP.

Since we’re talking about randomness, here’s another totally random thought for you guys. I’ve lost 3 whole pounds!!!


The craziest thing about this fact is that I haven’t been running so my activity level is less now than it was when I was deep into my marathon training. How the heck does that happen? Maybe it’s because I haven’t been running???? Because let’s face it, runners tend to eat a lot. Not just because we are starving most of the time, but because we are concerned about fueling our bodies properly. I tend to eat way less when I’m not as active. That could definitely explain how this freak loss of poundage occurred.
It could also be that I’ve been eating very clean since I returned from vacation (Minus a few Fig Newtons from my daughters stash). I’ve replaced one meal a day with one of my veggie juice drinks. And I’ve stayed on course for the majority of all my meal planning.
In addition to juicing, I have just recently added a whole slew of vitamins and supplements to my daily routine. I finally broke down and forked over some $$$$ on a starter kit. I was on prenatal vitamins for so long before, during and after the baby was born, that I just never re-upped my supply of vitamins. But a friend told me about the lysine supplement and others they’ve been taking and it helped me consider taking this step. It’s been 7 months since I’ve been on any kind of regiment so this really feels like a new beginning for me. I bought one of those Vitapak Programs from GNC. Each package contains the daily premium sports nutrients and clinically studied ingredients needed to rebuild muscle and fuel an athlete’s recovery. It includes herbal ingredients that are proven(according to the labels) to provide fast joint comfort and flexibility. (I’m especially thrilled about this benefit as I’m loosing this as I’m getting older)

This is the breakdown of all that is included in each prepackaged fulfillment. (As listed on the backside of the product packaging.)

  • Mega Sport – This is the multivitamin that includes B-vitamins that are important for energy production and carbohydrate metabolism. It provides amino acids to support lean muscle and a healthy metabolism. It also features a broad spectrum of cell-protecting antioxidants and nutrients that aid in boosting immunity.
  • L-Glutamine – Provides anti-catabolic effect and supports your muscle recovery from every workout, every day with L-Glutamine, which is a preferential amino acid for use in skeletal muscle and helps with muscle hydration and to maximize muscle function during and after exercise.
  • Joint Comfort Formula – A fast-acting formula is anchored with a clinically studied blend of herbs shown to improve joint flexibility by 30% and joint function by 19.4%. In addition, it offers powerful antioxidant properties and supports a healthy responser to inflammation. It also includes Red Orange Complex, which is an antioxidant defense for athletes.
  • Triple Strength Fish Oil – Provides Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which support cardiovascular and joint health, as well as the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. Here is a very interesting article about the benefits from Fish Oil.
  • Muscle Function Formula – This combines BCAA and Zinc Magnesium Aspartate to give you a unique element that will replenish key amino acids and minerals. BCAA are essential amino acids that are part of muscle protein that helps to preserve muscle glycogen stores and assist to reduce the amount of protein breakdown.


I’ve never been a really big advocate for vitamins. In the past, I just prefer to get my vitamins from my food, but with my body going through the rigorous training while I train for a marathon, I thought it best to plan for the best muscle recovery vitamins and supplements. I’ll let you know how they work out.

Since I am very limited with the duration of exercise I am allowing myself to complete right now (because of my sprained foot), I have decided that I need to make a few strict eating rules in preparation for my Ragnar Relay. Essentially, I don’t want my eating habits to reflect negatively on the scale (losing 3 pounds doesn’t account for much room for error), so I am watching a little more of what I’m eating until I’m back to full strength post recovery. Here are my goals that I posted yesterday on Instagram.

The whole “No Sugar” thing is probably going to be hard since we have a cabinet stuffed with toddler treats, but everything else is pretty doable for me. The “minimum 30 minutes of exercise a day” will be my goal, but it won’t be limited to that. With my gym back open from the construction and remodel, I’m looking forward to getting to that pool even more. My foot is definitely on the mend and I’m pretty confident I’ll be running by next weekend. So a few more cycling and pool sessions will due for this week and I’ll keep you posted on the progression. I might actually get in a few week of running before my trip. That would be wonderful!!!

How about you? What are your goals for this month?

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4 thoughts on “Cable TV, Keurig Giveaway Winner and Vitamins”

  1. Great goals! I’m struggling with a couple areas since my diet challenge contest ended, so I’m trying to get back to the same principles that helped me lose tons of weight in those 8 weeks, but I’m adding back in alcohol in moderation. Going to try to stick to 3 glasses of something a week, no more.

  2. My goals for September:
    *Use only the stairs to go up at work (NO elevator for going up!)
    *complete all training runs for this month
    *start at least one day per week of strength training

  3. Congrats on the 3 pound loss. That’s great!

    My goal for this month is to try and finish out my 10K training while in the midst of races every weekend in September and first weekend of October! I was almost finished but have 2 weeks left and my first of 5 races this weekend. Really messes up those “long” runs I do on Sundays because I can’t physically run back to back days just yet.

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