Change is Coming

When you find out that you’re expecting, there’s a whole string of emotions that come along with that cute little plus or minus sign. Along with those feelings of eagerness and anticipation come a copious amount of anxiety and concern for how much becoming a parent is going to change your lives. It’s totally natural to feel this hint of hesitation. Parenting is a glorious blessing, but it is also a significant amount of responsibility.

What do they say? WIth great power comes great responsibility.

When my husband and I found out we were going to be parents, we both knew that our lifestyles would be changing. For starters, I knew that my employment would become a little more difficult to retain. My work schedule at the restaurant has been predominantly evenings. Before getting pregnant, I had never really given it any thought as to how things would change. I knew things would become a little complicated, but until very recently, I had no clue as to just how difficult. After our daughter was born, I took the usual 3 months maternity leave before coming back as a part time bartender at the restaurant. In the beginning, it was very easy to get out of the house. My mother volunteered to watch my daughter for the few hours that lapsed between the 5 o’clock start of my shift and my husband’s arrival home around 6:30; and that went very well for a period of time. But ever since my husband has taken on this new job where he is required to travel regularly, it seems like I cannot catch a break. Two months ago, my mother had knee surgery that resulted in my need for requesting time off. I only have one other sitter lined up for moments when both my mother and husband are not available, and she is a busy college student with a few evening classes; so I had to arrange for another bartender to work my shifts accordingly. A few weeks after my mother’s knee surgery, she sustained another incident which kept her from sitting for us for a day or two, I again relied on a coworker to assist me in covering my shifts. Luckily for me, I think my manager decided to try a scheduling tool like this one from Deputy so it enabled us to find another employee who was willing to cover my shift at short notice. It’s fair to say that I have been grateful for this on several occasions. Then shortly after that incident, we had another issue and I had to call into work because I was without a sitter again. In a nutshell, it has become extremely difficult to keep my responsibilities with my employer these days because of the extensive situations that keep plaguing my mother. So in order to remedy my situation, we’ve decided to utilize the services available from the nice people at I will begin interviewing and accepting applications as of tomorrow. No doubt about it, this is going to be a very tedious process.

{If you know anyone in the Northwest side of Hillsborough County looking for a babysitting gig, send them my way}

If you’re not familiar with, you can gather more information here. One of the nice features available on their website is the background check. I know I can’t be too careful when choosing a caretaker for my daughter, and the background check is just another level of security in the selection process. I know a background check isn’t going to cover everything about the applicant, but it does provide a little ease of mind to know that they don’t have a criminal record or belong on the national sex offender registry. Carrying out a national police check is usually a pretty good way of knowing who you’re dealing with, so this might be the right move.

When I was a child, we never needed a sitter because both of my grandparents were less than fifteen minutes away. My mother was always home since she never worked, so we simply stayed with my grandparents occasionally when my parents wanted a date night or alone time.

My in-laws are in Central America and my parents live an hour away so our childcare needs are a little of an inconvenience for our parents. Eventually, we’d like to move closer to the family, but for now we are looking for help through the online community.

With the recent difficulties we’ve experienced, I have been prompted to reevaluate my situation with my current employer. When my husband and I first got married, we talked about how difficult it would be for us to maintain a healthy family life if I was to continue working in the restaurant biz. I had talked about going back to school to make a shift into the medical field. But we got pregnant before I had the opportunity to do so. Once baby came along, we managed to keep things working consistently every week with a few changes here and there. I worked two nights a week and my hubby worked during the day. But now, with his new job, he is gone for days at a time and I don’t have that support or back up when he’s out of town.

So this got me thinking… since our dynamic has changed, maybe it’s time for me to think about a change with my job as well. I never aspired to be a bartender once I became a parent anyway, so this could be my turning point.

Over the past few months, I have been talking with my husband about how I can transition out of the service industry and back into the fitness community. It only seems natural to attempt to carry my passion into my full time profession. Currently, I hold a Mad Dogg spin instructor certification from a few years back, but I’m not teaching at the moment. Before I became pregnant, I taught a Pilates style class at this studio. Once we moved out to the suburbs, I had to quit because the commute was terrible, but I always had the desire to return to teaching once my daughter was a little older. In hopes of reviving my presence in the fitness industry and getting out of my dead end job, I have decided to begin studying and working towards my NASM personal training certification.


I am still uncertain on the exact details of how I will utilize this new knowledge once I obtain this certificate, but I know for sure that it will assist me in transitioning into the direction I want to turn with my career at this juncture. I don’t necessarily see myself as a personal trainer in a big box gym or health club, but instead would rather enjoy developing a fitness style business to encompass what I think appeals to busy parents with small children. I’ll divulge more information on this concept when the time is right.

For now, I just wanted to lay it out in front and let you know what’s going on. I begin next Monday with the online class format. I’m really looking forward to it.

The great news about this with regard to my blog, is that I can bring you more valuable information once I am certified and educated properly. =) That’s exciting, right?

Have you made a career change due to a lifestyle change (children, spouse, relocating)? Ever used for childcare needs?

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11 thoughts on “Change is Coming”

  1. How exciting! I have a friend that just became a personal trainer here in Orlando and is going through all the changes to hopefully do it full time. Good luck!

  2. Very exciting! I’ve been wanting to do NASM also but it’s an expense that I can’t take on right now. I know that having kids is a big responsibility and one that I’m not sure I’ll want any time soon. I commend you and your husband for making things work and moving towards what’s best for you and your family. 🙂 Good luck on your transition back into the fitness community. I hope to follow suit one day!

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