Color Me Rad -2015 Recap

Disclaimer: Through the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I received compensation and Color Me Rad 5K race entries for the purpose of this review. As always, the opinions and experiences shared on this blog are my own.



You guys know that I don’t run a lot of fun run style of races.  In fact, I can count on one hand how many 5ks I’ve actually done over the past few years.  But there’s just something very special about the Color Me Rad race that keeps me coming back every year.

This year marks our third year doing this event and I can tell you first hand how it keeps getting better.  Maybe it has something to do with my daughter getting older and more excited about running events, or maybe it was the “Bigger Badder Radder” concept that The Color Me Rad organization adopted this year, either way, this year was our best experience yet.

Packet pickup was a breeze.  I brought both kiddos with me to International mall for pickup at Fit2run. There was hardly a line at the registration table nor was there one at bib pickup.  We strolled right through each station picking up our shirts, socks and bibs.

My only disappointment from this year was that sunglasses weren’t included in the registration fees.  Instead of sunglasses, we were given knee high socks.  They are super rad and made from quality materials, but they’re just not practical for someone who mainly wears sandals or flip flops.

Saturday morning when we arrived at the fairgrounds, we were quickly directed to the appropriate parking sites.  We were able to get through the fairground’s parking quicker than the two previous years, which was very nice.  We gathered our kiddos together along with our friend and her two daughters and made our way to the main area.

There was a stage set up near the start line, with a DJ and an emcee, already pumping up the crowd and announcing the beginning of the first start wave.  Since we were included in that first start wave, we began to make our way through the crowd with our kiddos tucked cleanly inside our double strollers.   But all of that was about to change.

With the release of the first start wave, we made our way over the start line, through a cloud of purple tinted smoke corn starch, with the crowd, towards the first color zone.  Soon enough, our preschoolers wanted out of the stroller and on their own two feet, so we accommodated.  They took off as we ran after them with the babies still happily straped into the stroller.  We bobbed and weaved through the course of runners and walkers through every single color station, each station proving to be better and definitely radder than the years before.

This year the course looped through some nice shaded areas of the fairgrounds.  That, combined with the earlier start date, and the refreshing blast of the liquid color gel made for a very enjoyable experience.


The entire family was able to enjoy this entire event.  Just look how much fun my youngest was having.         


Of all the family friendly events available out there these days, these are our favorite.

We make such lasting memories.


Color Me Rad is the perfect entry level race/fun run for family and friends.  If you’re not into the sport of running, you can always come and walk.  There were plenty of walking participants throughout this event.  As you can tell, it’s an event safe enough to bring the youngest of babies.  The color is not damaging to your stroller either.  We were able to remove all the color from our strollers with a water hose and soap once we got home.   It is recommended that you wear eye protectants, as it may irritate your eyes.

If you would like to come and enjoy the run with out the color, the color zones are easily avoidable.  It’s not an all or nothing kind of deal, but who could resist a little lively highlight of pink, yellow, blue and green?  Not me!



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