Currently – November 2014 and a giveaway

What’s going on with me this month? Well, besides all the birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and parties I’ll be throwing and attending, I’ve got a couple other things happening around here. We are getting ready for the holidays while still trying to unpack the last of our boxes and make finishing touches to the house. We’re doing all this, while trying to take care of two little kiddos. Let’s take a look, shall we.Currently_NovemberCurrent Scents – These beautiful flowers that my husband gave me for our anniversary. My whole house smells fabulous right now.Currently_Flowers

Current Brag – I completed my first postpartum 5k this weekend. I don’t participate in many 5ks, so I actually came away with a new PR.RichardsRun5k PR

Current purchase – I bought the infamous Elf on a Shelf to begin the tradition for our family. My husband says it’s really creepy and thinks it will frighten my toddler, but I want to try it. I have some great ideas for staging that I am looking forward to creating. I’m hoping it will give my kids a special tradition to look forward to every year. Elf On The Shelf

Current tunes – Phoenix by Fall Out Boy – now, if only the band Phoenix came out with a song called Fall Out Boy, we’d have a conundrum.

Current re-read – Mamarazzi mamarazzi

Current TV Show – Dancing with the Stars. It’s the final weeks, so the competition is getting really good. I’m routing for Alfonso Ribeiro. He’s been doing really well, so I think it’s safe to say he will make it to the final show I loved watching him perform the Carlton in one of the past weeks. TheCarltonDance

Current decorations – All things autumn and our photo wall in our entryway. I’m sure I’ll have to rearrange it a little but the majority of the pieces are there to stay.PhotoWall

Current project – everything for Rosalyn’s birthday party…. decorations, banners, invitations and many other ideas. My SIL is the cake boss, so she’s plotting a beautiful Rapunzel tower cake with flower, star and Pascal cookies. Plus I’m trying to get the house organized and cleaned up for our party. check out the invitations I made.

Current search – a formal dining room table. Don’t you think our dining room is missing something? I’d like to get one in the next week so we can have it in time for the birthday party, but I don’t want to make an impulse purchase. dining room empty

Current Decisions: To paint, or not to paint? Right now my entire house is looking very plain to me. I really want to get some paint samples and start thinking about tackling parts of the house, but I’ve got so much going on right now that I can’t even imagine starting. Guess there’s no harm in getting some swatches.paintSwatches

Current crush – my little man. Ain’t he cute?Harrison_BLACKWHITE Harrison

Current product review & giveaway – Postnatal Fat Burners. Enter my giveaway below for a chance to win a bottle of the Postnatal Fat Burner with Lactation Enhancers, Compliments of Fitfluential and Deltalabs #TeamDeltaLabsIMG_8167.JPG

Delta Labs has a large selection of natural herbal supplements. Their mission is to develop the highest quality, most affordable and comprehensive line of women’s health and wellness formulas founded on scientific research. Herbal supplements can play a big part in people’s everyday lives, as more people are becoming health conscious. There are some who will make their own herbal supplements from home, going online to sites such as Capsule Supplies to get their stock.

From their website: “We’re committed to helping every woman feel renewed, empowered, and excited about life, and strive daily to provide unsurpassed customer care to help every woman achieve her best.”Delta_Labs___Products DeltaLabs_Nurture

I’ve been using the Postnatal Fat Burners with lactation enhancers for over a month now. I was specifically interested in the lactation enhancers more than the thermogenic fat burning effects, but I can happily say that both are helping me hit my goals. Already, I’ve lost most of my pregnancy weight and thanks to the lactation enhancers, I’m been able to pump enough to establish quite a stash for my milk bank. The best part is that it’s completely safe for my baby. Of course, weight loss is dependent on each individual’s diet and exercise habits, however, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), the amino acid L-Carnitine and vitamin B6 are proven to promote weight loss, build energy and speed up metabolism -safely and naturally. So that’s a win-win for us nursing mamas!!! I know there are other types of supplements out there, for example, something like but I enjoy this too.

You can purchase Delta Labs Thermogenic Postnatal Fat Burner through their website and I have a discount code to save you $$$.

Use discount code Fitfluential to save $5 off a one time purchase.

One (1) Running with Diapers reader will win a bottle of Delta Labs Postnatal Fat Burner with Lactation Enhancers

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

What’s going on with you currently?

Do you have a family/holiday tradition like the Elf on the Shelf?

Do you think I should paint now, or wait until after the holidays?

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10 thoughts on “Currently – November 2014 and a giveaway”

  1. I have used brewers yeast in some lactation cookies I made. I haver heard many things about fenugreek but have never used it personally

  2. Whoa, whait – what??? I didn’t know there was a Postnatal Fat Burner with Lactation Enhancers supplement out there!! I’m on 2.5 yrs. nursing and really don’t need any kind of lactation enhancer but at least I know this fat burner is safe to take while nursing. Very cool, thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  3. Good luck with picking paint colors. When we moved into our house last year, we knew there were some rooms that definitely needed new paint and I can’t say we always picked a winner. There’s one room (my crafting room) that still needs a new color because I chose poorly the first time around.

    1. I should’ve clarified my statement. I don’t run many 5ks without my jogging stroller or the kiddos. 5ks have previously been reserved for fun with my family, so running alone was a treat and I came away with a PR, despite my being only 7 weeks postpartum.

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