A Day in the Life: February 2016

I haven’t done a post like this in a while. Since my last post, life has changed quite a bit, so I figured now is as good a time as any to share what a typical day in the life of a mother of two looks like. I’m sharing one of my busy days simply for content purposes. Not every day is this full of activities, and I sometimes have help from my husband during the process, so keep that in mind.

6:00 Wakeup and walk the dog. Get dressed in workout clothes, pull my hair in a pony tail or braid, make coffee, start breakfast for my daughter and make her school lunch. 

6:30 Check email and planner for activities for the day. Begin crossing off blogging checklists and setting up to do lists. 

 7:00 Wake Rosalyn for school. Get her dressed and ready for school and setup at the table with breakfast, while I wake up Harrison and nurse him before having to load them into the car and take Rosalyn to school. 

 8:30 – 11:00 Finally drink my coffee  

 and watch the news while making breakfast for myself and Harrison. We eat breakfast together and then play in the living room with books and toys. I’ll clean the kitchen and attempt to check a couple tasks off my to-do list in between distracting and playing with Harrison. If he’s having a particularly independent day, I’ll do my hair and makeup in the bathroom while he plays. I sneak a snack into our playtime and sometimes manage a Baby Strong workout or some freestyle yoga on the foam play mat while we play.

11 – 1pm Naptime (for Harrison) He typically becomes tired and wants “boo boo” (his name for mommy’s milk), so I will nurse him to sleep. While he naps, I hit my computer to blog or I use the time to catch up on housework or projects. Usually I prepare lunch during this time so he will have food when he wakes up. If I’m lucky, I’ll manage a few minutes of mindless online shopping before he wakes up.  

 1:00 Harrison wakes and we eat lunch. After lunch, I sweep up his mess and clean up the kitchen. Then Harrison and I play together in the living room until we have to pick up Rosalyn from school at 2:30 


3:00 Arrive home from school. I prepare Rosalyn a snack and change her into her play clothes.

3:30 I organize some kind of activity for the kids. We either go to the playground, do crafts on the patio or venture out of the house to run errands.

4:30 Time to cook dinner. The kids play and watch television while I cook dinner.

5:30 We eat dinner together and then it’s off to the bath tub to scrub-a-dub.

6:45 The kids are usually bathed and ready for bed. We attempt to have quiet time before bed, but the bath tends to rile them up. Thus the reason for the early bath time. It takes almost an hour for the kids to wind down and show signs of fatigue. We cuddle together with a book or watch tv until they get sleepy.   

 8:00 Bedtime I usually allow Rosalyn to watch cartoons in my bed while I put Harrison to sleep. He can take 20 minutes to put down on difficult nights. By the time he’s out she’s usually asleep too. If Vasco is out of town, I’ll let her sleep with me – since she’s going to get in bed with me at some later time anyway. If he’s home, I’ll carry her to her room and then sneak away quietly.  

8:30 – 9pm I clean up the kitchen and living room and then walk the dog before getting my shower and getting ready for bed. I’ll pre make Rosalyn’s lunch and lay out clothes before heading off to bed.

Depending on if I’m running at 5am the next morning, I could go to sleep at 9:30 or I could stay up to 10:30 or 11pm blogging, returning messages or doing projects around the house.

What’s your usual bedtime?? 

Do you have a nightly ritual with your kids?

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