Colfax Denver Marathon Training Begins

Guess what? I’ve gone and done it again. Looks like I’ll be running yet another marathon before the end of this racing season. And it looks like I’ll be doing it in the mile high city. Could I be crazy? Or perhaps I’m just a little addicted to this thing called running?
Or maybe I just couldn’t say no when my best friend asked me to run the Denver Marathon with her. Yeah, that’d be correct. I’m very impressionable. I have no self control. That, and I jumped at the chance to run in the beautiful city of Denver. I will be running the Denver Colfax Marathon in May. if you are traveling from afar to compete in this marathon, I strongly suggest checking out denver vacation rentals well in advance!

Colfax Denver Training

So what does that mean for the training schedule? It means that I have to jump right back into double digit long runs and I’ve only got 10 weeks to prepare before flying out to take on the Colfax Marathon in Denver – which looks absolutely amazing by the way. Seriously. Go check out the course. It’s mostly flat – believe it or not – course runs through a fire department, in and around Mile High Stadium, along beautiful waterways with mountainous views and all around Denver’s museums, civic center and city park.

The marathon starts and finishes in Denver’s City Park.

City Park


I can’t wait to take on this course and see all that Denver has to offer. Just take a gander at these photos from the website.


Confluence Bridge

Confluence Bridge


Sloan's Lake

Sloan’s Lake


Mile High Stadium

Mile High Stadium


Cheery Creek Bike Path


Architectural Scenery

Architectural Scenery


confluence park downtown denver


Denver's skyline

Denver’s skyline


In addition to offering some of the most amazing sites along the course, this marathon is ranked as “one of the great marathons for first timers for 2016.”

As far as training goes, I’m going to adapt my same training plan that I used to train for NYC and just add an additional 20 miler to the plan to help prepare me for the altitude change. My husband assures me that I shouldn’t have an issue with the elevation change during the race, as long as I allow two days to acclimate before race day. I’m going to add an additional day to my weekly training plan. During my training for NY, I only ran three times a week. This cycle I wanted to add the fourth day to the plan to force my body to adjust to the extra stress. Since it will be my third marathon, I want to push myself a little more. I know I can finish, I just want to know how well I can do so. Also, It’s going to be my best friend’s first marathon, so I want to be able to support her and be able to pace her through the whole thing. I know there’s no way to know how things will transpire come race day, but I want to be as prepared as I possibly can when that day comes.

I typed up my training plan this weekend. It looks like this.

Denver Training Plan


I’m starting the week off with a race. I have Best Damn Race Orlando on Saturday, then I come right back on Monday and kick it back up into a full training schedule. Prayers for a healthy training cycle and no complications. I’m really excited for this one. Not the same excitement that I had for NYC, but a different view. It’s like the doubts have been lifted and I’m filled with determination and drive to push my limits. I haven’t been able to focus on speed work in a long time since I’ve been sick so much lately. As long as the training is there and I can keep healthy, I’m really excited for this race.

What advice would you share towards a shift to a third marathon?

Have you ever had to prepare for an event in a location where you didn’t know how your body would respond?

What advice do you have for someone taking on a race in a different altitude?

Have you ever been to Denver?

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