Don’t forget your SPF 45

So today is a very happy day for me. Why, you ask? It’s a Wednesday for starters. I don’t work on Wednesdays so I get to spend the whole day with my daughter and I tend to use this day to catch myself up on a few of my favorite things. One of those things is waiting for me on my DVR (I can’t wait to watch last night’s episode of SMASH) Another thing that I’m looking forward to is that I get to run tonight. It’s just a quick little 4 miles, but I haven’t ran since my Florida Beach Halfathon so I’m way past due. This will be a fun run for me. No time constraints, no training deadline, no need to push too hard. I’m just going to ease back into my groove and enjoy the run.

Another big reason for my happy mood today is because I just received a clean bill of health from my dermatologist this morning. I hadn’t been to a dermatologist in over two years. My last appointment sort of scarred me and created a phobia against such appointments. I was downright nervous about going to my appointment today. Here’s the inside scoop: I spent four summers during my college years lifeguarding at Adventure Island (the water park in Tampa next to Busch Gardens). I baked out in the sun in a bathing suit on a lifeguard chair for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, from February until October. So I’m a little paranoid that it’s all going to come back and haunt me in my older age. I used to get checked by a dermatologist every year, but I had a bad experience that was keeping me from seeing a doctor up until today. My former dermatologist (which was actually not even the dermatologist at the pratice, but a nurse practitioner) poked and prodded me like a human pin cushion and told me a bunch of baloney about requiring plastic surgery and how a grand total of 14 biopsies would need to be cut out of my back, arms, legs and torso. After encountering the first round of 7 biopsies at the initial doctor’s visit, I declined additional treatment and went on my merry way….. My friend told me to check out since she goes there and says it’s amazing. I decided I needed to conquer my fear of the dermatologist and book an appointment. Two years later, here I am in a new doctor’s office, expecting the worst and he says everything looks good and that I should just schedule another appointment for next year. I cocked my head to the side and then I made him repeat his statement. I could hardly believe my ears. He says I’m okay to go. So I put my clothes back on, checkout of the office and skip out the door into the sunlight and smile up to the heavens and thank God for his awesomeness. No cutting up this girl today!

I actually wanted to share a video of my doctor who was on the tv show The Doctors discussing a newer procedure that was treating a patient with basal cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer). It’s very interesting to see the advances they are making against skin cancer these days.


So with that in mind, I wanted to stress the importance of daily use of sunscreen. Sunscreen is especially important during the warmer months (which I know we are not into quite yet), but they are right around the corner. As an athlete and former sun worshiper, I highly suggest a daily regiment of sun protectants to combat the danger of the harmful rays we are exposed to every day. No matter how long you’ll be out in the sun, it’s important to always wear sunscreen.

Personally, I wear a brand of tinted moisturizer from Stila that has an SPF 20 for my face. stila tinted moisturizerI have a bottle in with my race gear and I keep one in my makeup bag too. I apply it with my fingers, just like sunscreen. What I like most about the tinted moisturizer is that it has just enough color to balance out and cover my imperfections, without feeling too heavy or caky while I’m running, i.e. sweating. I seriously wear this stuff every day.

Of course, I am slightly obsessive with my SPF when I run during the daylight hours. For the rest of my body, I use Neutrogena Ultimate Sports Spray Sunscreen

ultimate sport sunscreen


It’s very light and sheen and is water and sweat resistant. It’s specially formulated to withstand vigorous activities, like running. I cover every inch of my body with this stuff (I ordinarily apply to my body right before dressing into my running attire – just spray all over body and rub in) Allow your skin plenty of time to absorb the sunscreen by applying 20 minutes before you take off on a run. Proper absorption allows the sunscreen to be most effective against harmful rays.

Even though you might think that it’s not that crucial to apply sunscreen EVERY time you head outdoors to run, i assure you that it is. A recent study found more abnormal moles and lesions in marathoners than nonmarathoners and also reported that only 56 percent of the runners said they put on sunscreen regularly. That doesn’t mean to say that we should hide indoors and only run on the treadmills. It just means that we should all take sun protection a little more seriously.




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