At Home Body Weight Exercises for Busy Moms

You know how time slips away sometimes? You get busy doing one thing, then one of the kids distract you with a game of twenty questions, then it’s dinnertime, and then before you know it, you’ve gone almost the whole day without doing any kind of workout whatsoever. Well, today I’m going to show you an easy at home workout that you can get done using just your body weight. These are also perfect exercises if you’re currently waist training and want to get a longer-lasting hourglass fgure! So, whether you’re inside entertaining the toddler or at the playground, you can utilize these movements to get your workout done before it’s time to crash for the night.Body Weight Exercises

PLANKS – These have been my go – to core strengthening exercises lately. I really despise sit ups and crunches, so this has been an easy way to keep the focus. If it’s a rather rambunctious day with the kiddos, I’ll let them run around and under me while I hold the position. It makes for a fun game, and it’s motivation to hold the pose for longer.

LUNGES – Recently, I’ve been struggling to get some strength training done with the lower half of my body. Lunges are so important and effective in a runner’s training, so I decided to bring the focus back by prompting myself to perform lunges whenever I walk down my entry way. It’s about 20 feet from the family room to the front door, so I make myself lunge all the way there and back.

SQAUTS – Going hand in hand with the lunges, I’ve started doing squats every night during the kiddo’s bath time. I get them setup with the water and towels, then I utilize my gigantic bathroom to perform 5 – 10 minutes of squats. I alternate between sumo squats and back squats with an overhead press. I’ve also been doing the Flower Squat Challenge.

PUSHUPS – I hate them, but I love how they work their magic on my muscles. I lay out on the carpet with the kids while they’re watching tv and knock out a couple dozen of these until my muscles fatigue. I just hope the baby doesn’t need too much attention afterwards because I turn to jello.

HIP RAISES – Laying in bridge pose while lifting and lowering your hips creates a fun little game of Ring Around the Rosie for your little ones. I will warn you though, taller children can injure their heads on your hip bones if they and you aren’t careful. If your kids are too big, there are plenty of other hip exercises that you can find useful and effective. For example, hip flexors might be more suitable than raises, but it’s all about personal preference.

Lastly, I will mention that these exercises, along with any you attempt to perform with your children, have potential for error and possible injury if not taken seriously and done so with caution. Even though you are attempting to multitask, in some instances, it may be better to only involve the children if you are confident in your strength and ability.

I’m not a fitness professional. I only share these because they are what work for me personally. As with all physical exercise, please seek permission from a medical professional before attempting.

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Do you ever workout at home with your kids?

What’s your favorite body weight exercise?

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