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In the age of finger tip technology, there are hundreds of ways to get your fitness on. Through countless fitness trackers, calorie counters and exercise encyclopedias, fitness reaches a whole new capability. Even though the apps won’t physically do the work for you, they do make it a whole lot easier with their convenience. Here are my five favorite fitness apps.

five favoritefitness apps


Don’t have time to get to the studio for a yoga class? How about taking the yoga class with you wherever you go. Whatever amount of time you can spare, just search for that, a style or body part and viola! instant zen. It does require an account, which will run you $17 a month, but with a selection of over 3,000 classes, it’s well worth the cost.

Nike Training Club

Users can choose from over 100 workouts from celebrity athletes and master trainers. There’s also integration for music and a social feed to gain inspiration.

Fitness Blender


With this free app, you get access to full length workout videos, clean eating tips, healthy and delicious recipes, and exclusive content. These home workouts range from beginner to advanced, with all different training types: HIIT workouts, strength training, cardio, kettle bell, yoga, Pilates, Barre, and more.


Primarily designed to work in conjunction with the Fitbit wearable activity band, this fitness tracker application can also be used as a standalone tracker along with your smartphone’s sensors to record daily steps and walking and running routes. The app also includes a food log for tracking nutrition, with a barcode scanner or a caloric estimator. It also features social aspects like leaderboards and user challenges. Along with having this useful app to spruce up your exercise routine, why not accessorize your FitBit with new bands from https://mobilemob.com.au/. This will make exercise just that bit more exciting!

Runner’s World Smart Coach


This app provides running training plans customized to fit the user’s individual ability and desired race distance. With customized training plans, daily or weekly workout displays, and calendar overview, this app will have you up and running for your next goal race.


Do you use your phone or tablet to track and motivate your fitness journey?


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15 thoughts on “Favorite Fitness Apps”

  1. Great list. I use the training peaks app to communicate workouts with my coach. I also use Strava as the “social media” for bike rides. Fitness Blender sounds pretty cool, I will check that out. Thanks for the list!

  2. I seem to use my phone for everything EXCEPT fitness LOL. I have an iFit Classic watch and I always forget to sync it with the app. I need to check out a few of these…

  3. Love the Fitbit app! The challenges are fun to see how you stack up with friends. Thanks for the list! I’m going to have to check out Fitness Blender and the Runner’s World Smart Coach!

  4. I use Garmin connect to track my runs, Wahoo to track my bike, and Daily Mile to put it all together. I had hoped my Apple Watch would be my everything but unfortunately, it can’t do what I need.

    I have found some great yoga videos on YouTube, believe it or not! Same for cycling.

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