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Happy Friday and welcome to Memorial weekend.  memorial day observed

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Who doesn’t love to cool off during the hot Summer months with a tasty chilled or frozen treat? I’m not talking Fro Yo or Ice Cream here. I’m talking about freezing whole foods in your kitchen freezer for snacking on later. Frozen treats are some of the best tasting snacks and they are super easy to create using everyday foods that most of us already eat. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks taste-testing a few new items from my pantry and I’ve come up with some really unusual, but delicious choices for you to try on your own.

  • Grapes  I’ve been freezing grapes for years, and I love them. You can freeze them in a bunch or pop them off beforehand.
  • Avocado Slices  Sprinkled with a little sea salt and cayenne pepper, this frozen treat makes for a delicious and healthy snack. (only freeze these for a couple hours though.  You don’t want them to become too hard)
  • Watermelon  You could slice it or use a melon baller to roll them and place onto skewers. I assume any melon would be just as delicious, but watermelon is very popular amongst my family, so I only tried it. It was fantastic.
  • Mango  Aside from the fact that they are perfect size for snacking, you can keep these in your freezer to use for smoothies.
  • Banana  I like to slice them up beforehand and then you can dip them in Nutella or Almond Butter once they’re frozen.


Do you ever freeze produce or other foods to enjoy later?  

What’s your favorite Summer produce?

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Frozen Produce”

  1. Great list of fruit to freeze! I freeze bananas but the idea of dipping them in nutella or almond butter after freezing is great! I love watermelon!

  2. I love frozen grapes. I try to keep them in the freezer for those times I’m craving a sweet. They fulfill the craving plus it takes a long time to eat them, so I don’t usually eat a crazy amount. The frozen avocado sounds interesting too.

  3. Whoa! Frozen avocado?!? I’ve never tried this, Haley! Thanks so much for the recommendation! I guess I didn’t know whether they could be frozen, so thanks for the tip about only leaving them in there for a couple of hours. This will make such a tasty treat on a hot day. Hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend!

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