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With all the chaos surrounding the holidays, me getting the shingles AND then the flu, running a couple races and having my hubby out of town for two weeks, I skipped out on a lot of blogging in late December and most of January. It was my intention to publish posts relating to my goals and resolutions, but I just never got around to finishing my drafts. When all was said and done, it was practically mid month, so I just decided to scratch those posts and start fresh when February hit. Well, here we are. Sliding into the second month of 2016 already. You could say I got my year off to a rocky start. Thankfully, I’m finally feeling more like myself again and I think I’ve got most of my affairs in order – most of them, so I’m finally going to address the subject of my goals and intentions for twenty-sixteen.2016-Resolutions Fitness Goals Run 1,100+ miles this year. Last year, I ran just under that, so I’m feeling like this is a good amount to shoot for. It feels pretty awesome to say I finally broke a thousand miles in a calendar year. That was a first for me. Run a sub 2:00 half marathon. Before I got pregnant with my son, I was really really close to breaking this one. The closest I’ve gotten since has been my 2:10 at Best Damn Race Jacksonville, and that was one week after the Disney Marathon. so I’m feeling pretty confident that I can bust this out this year. I’ve got to commit to speed drills if I want to get it done, but I’m hoping to focus soon and get it done. Focus on Strength Training There once was a time when I was known for being pretty buff. I had guns ya’ll. After I had my daughter, I focused so much on losing the baby weight through running that I really didn’t put the focus back on the weight training like I had grown accustomed to. Truthfully, running became my therapy and my escape from the stress of motherhood. Weight training gave me a high, but it just didn’t compare to the runner’s high I got from knocking out a 10K. So this year is going to be the year I get my muscles back! I plan to do this by utilizing the free weights, pilates machine, and my newly cleaned out garage. I’m also committing to yoga once a week. Get My RRCA Coaching Certification I’ve had my eye on this certification for a while now. Recently I gained more interest in this because of my run group. There are so many amazing women in the Moms Run This Town community, but none of the ladies in my chapter have their coaching certification. As a chapter leader, this would simply put me over the edge and allow so many fantastic new opportunities within our chapter. Personal Life Goals Scale Back on Watching TV As a SAHM, I have the horrible habit of keeping the television on most of the day. Typically, I DVR two shows in the evening and then I’ll watch them in the morning while I feed the kids, do laundry and get set up for the day. It’s a really terrible habit, that I want to cut back on over the next few months. In January alone, I’ve already cut out a couple shows from the DVR programing. But I want to limit myself to 90 minutes of television every day. That means no more watching Grey’s Anatomy AND Scandal back to back. What’s a girl to do when her TGIT now? Stick to our Budget Last year my hubby and I got organized with our finances for the first time since I have been unemployed. Using my EC Life Planner and some of Dave Ramsey’s principles, we are committed to sticking to our budget this year. Using a budget app can also help to manage your personal finances. We’ve got a pretty tight one, so we really have to plan well to make things work. I will probably be the most frugal I have ever been in my life this year and really look to try to improve our finances without being employed, which I’m thinking of looking to something similar to this BTC Trader in order to try and make money online from home. We have got a couple big expenses coming up so there is little room for error. If we can’t make it work, there’s more at stake then just blowing my resolution. However, I have started to learn about installment loans so if an emergency expense comes up that we literally cannot afford not to pay, then at least we know there are options available to us.Keep Up with Cleaning Schedules Having two small kids knocks out a lot of your cleaning and organizational habits. It’s really frustrating when they’re young, messy and unable to clean up after themselves. I’ve let so much slide in this department this past year, but now I feel like my son is finally independent enough that I can devote more time away from him to at least keep the house picked up and somewhat on a cleaning schedule. I’m not saying my house is going to stay clean every day, all day, but I do commit to daily and weekly habits to bring more accountability to the process. I’m sure I’ll post more about this at a later date. Learn How to Use My DSLR Hubby and I bought a Cannon 60D a couple years ago, but I have yet to learn all the features and settings. I would like to take a photography class to really get my feet wet, but that thing about our budget and our schedules get in the way. We’ll see how everything is going by April and then reconsider the class. It’s been on my bucket list for a while, but it’s just not that easy with our schedules. I have begun reading some books and I’m trying to teach myself as best I can. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell my progress by my blogging pictures. Blogging Goals Post Twice A Week In a perfect world, I’d love to be able to post content every day, but it just isn’t realistic for me to make that goal. My life is very crazy and time management is very inconsistent when it comes to the blog. I’ve scaled back on the blog a lot since Harrison was born. Initially, I had thought I’d be able to keep up with things after my daughter went to preschool, but it just wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. So even though twice a week isn’t anything special, I’m sticking with it, because it’s what’s best for me at this time. I’d be setting myself up for failure if I attempted to do too much. And this is just a hobby to me. Create and Utilize Blogging Checklists 2016 is going to be all about the checklists and planning for me, and the blog is not an exception.

Something I need to add to the checklist for sure is to look around for a new web hosting provider, as I have found the previous company that I used for my blog was not giving me the right support I needed to sustain my blog, which is why I hadn’t been on top of it as much as I had hoped. I was recommended to look into a site like https://www.hostiserver.com/ to help give my blog a new lease of life. I can’t wait to put this all into action and see where my blog can go in the new year.

I’ve found countless posts through Pinterest regarding daily blogging checklists. This one in particular stood out to me and I’ve since modified it to make it fit my personal blogging needs. Even though I won’t post content every day this year doesn’t mean I can’t spend a little time promoting it. And that’s where the checklists come in. Okay, so that’s a start then. I’ve got lots of great realistic goals for myself. And even though it wasn’t the greatest start to the year, who says I can’t make it a fantastic one anyways. I’m pulling up my big girl pants and getting down to business this year. And I look forward to sharing another amazing year with you too! Thanks for supporting me along my journey and I hope you like some of the content I create, even if it is just a hobby of mine.

What is something that you are committing to focusing on this year?

Do you set goals and resolutions? Ever had a really crappy first month and just want to hit the reset button on life?

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  1. I just love these goals and I admire your professional and personal goals. I wish you all the success! I feel confident by the end of 2016 you will have a few of these checked off.

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