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Happy Friday to you and thanks for dropping by. Today is the closing date on our house, so I’m really thankful for a lot of things to be fulfilled and behind us with regards to that. We are officially squatting at my parents beach house for the next several weeks while we wait for our new house to be completed.

Since it is Friday, I’m doing my usual thing with the #FridayFive. Be sure to link up with everyone and join in on the fun. Visit Mar, Cynthia and Courtney (who is getting married this weekend) and tell them I said hello. This week is a Free Friday, so I’ve decided to show some love and list my personal Five Can’t Miss Running Blogs. Cant_Miss_Running_Blogs

Thanks to the simplicity of blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, there are hundreds of bloggers out there sharing their stories, and some may even look to sites like Cadeau Idee to get some idea of popular topics to write about when it comes to niches like fitness. Me, personally, I tend to stick predominately with the running bloggers and I know that the majority of my readership is brought about through other running bloggers. Reading all these blogs does inspire me improve my blog. It’s not the content that I am worried about, otherwise I wouldn’t post anything I am not happy with. But I think when it comes to the more technical side of blogging, that’s what I need to focus more of. A friend of mine recommended I looked into a company like Victorious, so I can at least speak to people who know what they are doing when it comes to things like page optimisation and the overall SEO of my blog. I know that it will take some time to get used to, but it will be worth it. There’s nothing wrong in asking for a bit of help, especially if it will make my blog a lot better. Anyway, back to these blog. I throw in a couple health and fitness blogs and that’s pretty much the consistency of my online reading. There are so many excellent health and fitness blogs out there, I just wish everyone knew about them! It might help these blogs grow if they utilize the video marketing offered by Promo. They deserve every success!

Because there are so many running blogs out there today, it can be overwhelming at times. Which ones should I follow on my news feed? Which bloggers are on Instagram? Can I connect through Twitter and Facebook? There’s so many different ways to connect with so many different areas of specialty. So I thought it would be helpful to compiled a list of some of my favorite running blogs.

These are my five can’t miss running blogs….. in no particular order.


I first discovered Mile-Posts when the author graced the front cover of Women’s Running magazine in 2012. Aside from her adorableness, Dorothy Beal is a beast. She’s a 27x marathoner who trains by pushing her three children in a triple stroller. She’s a Saucony blog contributor, created the I Run This Body campaign and is fueled by the strong desire to inspire and be inspired, one run at a time. She doesn’t post on her blog as much as some of the others, but she does keep us updated through her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Shut Up + Run

Beth (the author) is by far the most hilarious out of all the running bloggers. She is a hard core distance runner with a plethora of hysterical posts ranging from “How To Not Crap Your Pants On a Run” to “Ways to Survive Your Injury Without Being a B*itch” If you like running and sarcasm, you’ll love SUAR.

Hungry Runner Girl

Janae is a fabulously inspirational runner. She blogs, sometimes multiple times a day, about everything from running, eating, family, food, fitness, travel and anything else she so desires. She has been running since she was 12 years old, but only ran her first marathon in 2010, where she finished as the fifth woman overall. She became a mommy in 2012 and posts the cutest little pictures of her darling daughter along with her daily routine of eating, training and being an all around awesome mommy. You can find her and her adorable daughter on twitter and Instagram.

Katrina Elle

Katrina is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. She started her blog as a means to hold herself accountable during her weight loss and fitness journey, and in doing so, has completely transformed herself. And along the way, she adopted the title of role model for so many, including myself. Her main goal is to inspire others to live a healthy life by coaching them to make the right decisions instead of looking for the “quick fix.” She fills her blog pages with everything from race recaps, to travel and training tips, and healthy eating recipes. She features weekly posts like the Training Tips of the Week & Workout Round Ups. She’s completed 9 half marathons, added the title of marathoner to her resume just last year and is a featured speaker at Fitbloggin this year. She’s another one that posts to the blog almost daily, even multiple times on her twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Meals and Miles

Meghann started blogging in 2008 and has established a fascinating resume through her once referred “hobby” of blogging. She’s completed several marathons, a few ultra marathons, a couple half Ironmans 70.3 and even a full Ironman. She’s involved with several reputable brands, is a founding member of the Healthy Living Summit and works diligently with fund raising projects. Her blog posts range from every aspects of her life experiences through traveling, races, product reviews, training, recipes and healthy living. Meghann is extremely likable with her down-to-earth and witty personality and her blog is easy to follow and very relatable.

I hope that at least one of these running blogs speaks to you and finds it’s way into your reader or inbox sometime soon.

Now it’s time for you to share.

What is one of your favorite “can’t miss” running or health & fitness blogs?

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27 thoughts on “Five Can’t Miss Running Blogs”

  1. What a great post. I actually read all the blogs you mentioned, but am happy to find yours too! I enjoy The Tiny Terror, and Back at Square Zero and Running Towards the Prizein case you are looking for a few others!

  2. Love this list! Some of them were new to me, so thanks for sharing. I honestly don’t know if I could narrow down a list of my favorite blogs to just five. That would be so hard! It would be more like a top ten and even that would be hard. lol

    1. Olive to Run is another one of my favorites. I follow so many running blogs. It was tough to just name five. I had a hard time coming up with the title because I didn’t want it to seem like I “only” read these 5 running blogs. These are just five that I absolutely cannot live without.

  3. Love the list. Definitely will need to check some of these out. My biggest issue is always just trying to keep up on all of the blogs I love, but haven’t really consolidated into one source. If I did, then I’m sure I’d just see I don’t have enough actual time to read ALL of them, so better not find that out. I’ll forget I suggested that.

    1. lol. I feel the same way. Not enough hours in the day. And I know you have little ones too. That makes it so difficult with time management.

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