Five Reasons To Run Best Damn Race

Hello Friday.  Glad to see you again.  

Wow!  My weeks are just flying by these days.  I feel like it was just Friday the other day.  Am I alone on that?  

I don’t get much of a break during the weekend with the kiddos, but it sure is nice to have my husband home and to have a couple adults to talk to when we’re out and about.  This weekend we have a fall festival at our neighborhood clubhouse.  The homeowners association puts a little something together for the kiddos, so we are looking forward to taking our toddler and letting her meet some new friends from our subdivision.  

Since it’s Friday, and you know that I’m linking up for the Friday Five, how about we go ahead and get down to brass tacks.  This week, Cynthia, Mar and Courtney have issues a semi-open theme entitled:  Five Reasons to Run ________.   We got to finish that sentence in our own ways and I selected TWO different endings.  The first is a general five reasons to run.  Period.  Just the good ol’ reasons, like I’ve listed on this previous post.  And then directly following those five reasons, I’ve also listed my top five reasons to run one of my favorite races.


1. Because life is stressful and running will help you blow off some steam.
2. To get out of the house, office, or car and see what your body is capable of doing.
3. To energize your day with endorphins. < they make you happy.
4. To escape the kids, husband, boss, parents, etc…
5. Because life is short, and running makes it seem longer.  


Now, not just because I’m a race ambassador, but because I truly think it’s one of the best race series out there today, here are Five Reasons to Run the Best Damn Race.   

There are four locations to choose from.  Cape Coral is less than a month away, and then before I know it, January rolls around and Jacksonville will be here, and then, come February, Orlando and Safety Harbor will be upon us.  If you’re not a resident of Florida, these races make especially nice race cations due to the mild winter weather that we are blessed to receive in this tropical climate.  

Why else would you want to run one of these races? 

Because it’s a race for runners. Best Damn Race was developed and organized with the runners in mind. Every aspect, from the price scaling to the limited participation, has the interest of the runners at the center of it’s design. Everything is organized to create the best experience for each individual runner.  There’s no big corporation putting on this race, just one guy who wanted to provide a big race experience at a local race price. Their philosophy is “RUN, EAT, DRINK, PARTY”   They pride themselves on spoiling their athletes. Every race entry includes: Race shirt, finisher medal, bib, goodie bag, free food, free beer, and a free massage (based on the volunteer’s availability at expo). “It doesn’t matter if you are an elite runner, first timer, walker, or using a baby jogger, we want you to have the best DAMN race experience.”  

Because I have a discount code to save you $5 off the already low registration fee. Use HALEYD to save $$$$.
Many races are upwards of a hundred dollars for entry fees. BDR (best damn race) prides itself on being one of the most affordable races out there. In fact, if you are one of the first to register, you can score an entry for just $1.

Because of the bling. Let’s face it, most of us decide which race and distance to run based on the finisher medals. BDR has gone the extra effort to design and award finishers with some of the coolest medals in the area. Just take a look for yourself and see how awesome these medals are for the 2015 season.

SafetyHarbor_BestDamnRace_Medals CapeCoral_BestDamnRace_Medals Orlando_BestDamnRace_Medals

Because you’ll get free race photos. Let’s not forget how expensive those race photos tend to be. Usually a $60 value, BDR just released a statement granting ALL race participants the gift of free race photos.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a HUGE deal to me.  

Don’t forget that I have a giveaway going on until the end of the month for a chance to win a prize pack from Best Damn Race. Go check out the website  and then enter the rafflecopter below.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck to those of you who are racing!!!  I’ll be back on the pavement following my 6 week postpartum checkup next Wednesday.  Wish me luck!  

Cheers to the weekend!  

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What is one reason that you decide to run a specific race?  

Do any of the above reasons make you interested in a certain race series?

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11 thoughts on “Five Reasons To Run Best Damn Race”

  1. Haley, I love the number 5 on your reasons to run list! So true! You make me wish I was in Florida with this Big Damn Race Series – wow! These sound like fun! Can’t wait to hear how things go on Wednesday and I’m so excited you’ll be able to get back to running again; good luck! Great post and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I’ve seen the Best Damn Race before and looks GREAT. I have a friend in Clearwater that has run it and enjoyed it. I love the way they do cost too. Good people running it. I’d likely have to go with Orlando as first choice because, well, Disney. Doesnt have to be runDisney for me to go there, haha.

  3. Hmmm, Safety Harbor and Orlando are calling my name. I’ll have to check out the course to make a final decision. Both medals look great and free photos!?!? OMG. That’s unheard of!

  4. Yes to starting the day with endorphins! Weekend runs I wake up early to do them, and its a goal of mine to start running in the morning during the weekdays. I’ll def look into the BDR series in the future – my Jan/Feb! FL nice spot for the NE runners like me – respite from the snow/cold.

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