Five Things I’m Loving About the Taper

Hello Loves. Welcome to a glorious Friday. I’m in super good spirits today, because this weekend marks the final week countdown until the NYC Marathon!!! (Eeeek!)

And for all of those that are heading to DC for the Marine Corp Marathon, I wish you fast feet and beautiful weather.  Good luck especially to Courtney, Sue and Andrea.  I’ll be cheering you all on!!!
Because I’m in the middle of my taper, I thought it’d be a perfect subject to chat about today.  To be honest, I’m not hating the taper as much as I thought I would.  It’s true what they say, that it feels out of the ordinary.  I’m so used to running long and hard.  And now I’m just leisurely running three and four milers.   But I kind of like it, and here’s why.


  • Lower Mileage  I’ve enjoyed the decrease in miles so much.  Tapering back into the single digit long run has really benefited my legs.  I’m feeling fresh and ready for race day.
  • Sleeping in Who doesn’t love an extra hour or two in the mornings?  Being able to sleep in until 5:30am instead of my usual 4:00am has me feeling all kinds of rested and rejuvenated.
  • Making Lists and Checking Twice  I’m such a planner and list maker.  This past week has allowed me to mentally prepare all my gear and necessities for next week’s race.  I always prepare like this, but especially when I travel long distance for a race. I get way more obsessive, if I am being honest.
  • Nutrition & Hydration  I can’t get enough water and Nuun these days.  It’s easy to let the idea of hydration slip your mind this far out, but it’s so important to keep with a daily hydration goal going into the final weeks.  And I’ve been selecting my food choices with race day in mind too.  Thankfully, that means lots of rice and pasta dishes, which I’m more than okay with.
  • Race Excitement  Social Media is all the buzz right now with NYC fast approaching.  I love seeing all the tweets and IG posts about meet ups and race day preparation strategy.



How are your feelings about the taper?

Do you have anything that you like to enjoy during those easier days?

Are you running a race soon?  

What tips do you have for me during my taper?

(This post is part of the Friday Five hosted by Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney. Go over and check out their awesome blogs!)

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5 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Loving About the Taper”

  1. I am running Tussey mountain this wkend. So exciting! I can’t imagine 5:30am is sleeping in….haha. Well getting your workout in is the important part. Shows your dedication. However if that was my only time I’d have to work out. There would not be one….lol. Way to go girl!

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