Five Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

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A few months after my daughter was born, I was thrilled to come home from a late shift at work to find my husband had splurged on a beautiful new orange BOB Revolution jogging stroller. It was, and is, the Cadillac of jogging strollers and I was just getting serious about distance running, so I knew this stroller was going to make all the difference in the world when it came to my training runs with the baby. Three years later, we purchased the Double BOB and I’ve been pushing two kiddos around inside it ever since.Stroller

Something I can personally attest to is that it takes a great deal of adjustment to begin running with a stroller. Most people probably don’t even realize that your form can change dramatically when pushing a stroller. Aside from the fact you now have to be conscious of running with another human being, there are certain key posture check points that you should always keep a focus with while running with a stroller. I’m going to share with you my Five Tips for Running with jogging strollers.

Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Don’t Lean On The Stroller – This is very tempting, but terrible for your lower back and won’t make breathing any easier by scrunching up your core. If you find yourself tiring and bending in towards the stroller, remind yourself to straighten up, push your shoulders back, tighten up your core and drive through with your legs to power through those miles.

Alternate Hands & Grip on the Handle – In order to keep your form more true to your natural form, it’s best to utilize at least one arm to “pump” like you normally would and to alternate every hands few minutes. Also, keeping your grip varied with your wrists relaxed will help ease any tension you may have in your upper body.

Bend Your Elbows – Pull your body close to the stroller and keep your elbows close to your sides.

Keep Shoulders Down and Back – Try not to hunch over and focus on not internally rotating your shoulders.

Watch Your Footwork – Just because your trotting behind a stroller doesn’t give you an excuse to neglect your stride. Maintain a good distance behind the stroller, or even to the side if you chose, and try to keep your footwork as close to your normal stride.

Don’t forget to have fun with the little ones. If you need advice for managing a run with the kiddos, you can check out my post here for more tips.

What tips do you have for running with a jogging stroller?

Do you train with your kids?

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12 thoughts on “Five Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller”

  1. I ran three marathons in the year prior to getting pregnant (due in 3 weeks!) and I’m very curious to see how often I end up running with the jogging stroller we purchased. I didn’t want to splurge on the BOB before seeing how much I’d actually use one, so we have an inexpensive Graco for now. I can’t imagine how much more difficult running is when pushing a stroller!

    1. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it. I like having the stroller because I can carry water without having to use a hydration belt. And kids keep you honest. My daughter acts like my coach and yells to go faster. She’s funny like that.

  2. Whenever I see runners pushing their running strollers, especially the double ones, I give them mad props. I know that is not easy as I have tried it a few times. Great tips. Way to go Haley!!

    1. It’s not easy. But it’s made me a stronger runner and even a little quicker than normal. I may eventually hit new PR’s after I’m done with this training season.

  3. Great post. I love my jogger that I have, though I dont have the Caddie like you 😉 It took a little to get used to what worked best for me, but love it.

    I havent taken it out for a run in a while, but my daughter has been asking a lot to go out, but I’ve been running before she wakes, so going to break it back out this weekend for a run.

    1. Good luck this weekend.
      I’ve been running early mornings by myself and late afternoons with my kiddos. They don’t wake up until I’m usually done in the morning, but starting monday, I’ll be running my daughter to her school three days a week. She’s thrilled!

  4. I can’t run with a stroller any more. I have chronic neck issues, and my form always sucks because of it. I end up slouching and then can’t move my head or neck the next day!! Bummer because it would help to get me more runs outside, but I’ve learned the hard way.

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