Flower Squat Challenge

Following last weekend’s good form clinic at Fitniche, I learned I have some significant muscle imbalances and weaknesses to address. Not just when it comes to my running form, but in general. Up until this week, I’ve been neglecting strength training in favor of stretching and yoga. I realize this is not good for my body and will subject me to injury. So something had to be done. Insert Squat Challenge here.

One of the mamas in my Moms Run This Town chapter, taught us a fun little squat exercise that she does with her daughter every night. I loved the idea and I couldn’t wait to start.

This is how it works.

You need to download the song Flower by Moby first ( or you can pull it up on youtube if you prefer).
Start the song and then get into squat position immediately. It’s even better if someone can start the song for you because it starts off right from the first beat.
Whenever he sings “Bring Sally Up” you come up out of your squat position.
Whenever he signs “Bring Sally Down” you squat down into squat position and you have to stay there until he says “Bring Sally Up” again.

It goes on like this for about three and a half minutes. And you will feel the burn.

It’s honestly, an easy little challenge that will get you burning those quads and hamstrings with just a couple of minutes.

Just be careful to use proper form. At the lowest point in your squat, make sure your bum is in a straight line with your knees and that it doesn’t dip down below them. Keep your knees behind your toes, and in line with your ankles or the center of your foot. And try not to arch your back, but engage your core to keep back flat.

Here’s my first attempt. I decided to log my process on YT to keep accountable. Hope you enjoy.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Have you ever done a squat challenge?

What form and technique issues have you struggled with in the past?

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