Friday Confessions

Yay!  It’s Friday!  Congrats to everyone.  We made it through another week.  And for me, that means I’ve made it through another week of INSANITY!

Now I’ve got to be honest.  I’ve skipped a couple of sessions.  Wednesday and Thursday were not good days for me and my workout schedule. I’ve got to be accountable and admit that I’ve been slacking.  SLACKER Hello my name is

Wednesday I had dental work done during my daughter’s usual nap time.  The husband came home to stay with her while I got my not-so-pearly whites polished up.  When I got home she was already asleep but was scheduled to wake up soon, so I postponed my session until later in the evening.  Then, because my hubby had to take off time from work to stay home with our LO, he ended up having to stay late at work to finish up some projects.   I didn’t do my workout because by the time he got home I was all ready to wind down.   I know, it’s a horrible excuse, but that’s just the way it is.  My mind was already thinking about bedtime and a workout was the farthest thing from my head.  Besides, I don’t sleep so well right after a workout.  I don’t know about you, but it keeps me wired and gives me weird dreams.

Yesterday my daughter fell asleep while we were out meeting my husband for lunch.  She snoozed for 45 minutes while we ate at one of our favorite dinning spots.    (I had a delicious Filet Salad and my hubby had the sinfully good cheese burger.  There wasn’t any indulgence of dessert and I had water with my entree to be extra good)

SInce she catnapped  she didn’t nap later on that day, and I wasn’t able to press play and get in my sweat session.  My husband came home later too and I’m not such a great motivator later in the day.  I’ll totally admit that I’m a morning person.  I felt like everything was against me.  I was hungry and didn’t really have the mindset again.  Boo for excuses.

But you know what?  I’m back again today!  I just finished the Cardio Power & Resistance session and I’m feeling good. I’m not going to let a couple days of setbacks keep me down.   My pushups are coming along too.  That’s one area where I really would like to see the most change.  I’ve never been able to do more than a few REAL pushups.  Yoga has helped me in the past year, but I’m still not where I’d like to be with my form and my endurance.  That is definitely a big part of what I want to get out of this program.

Today I did something extremely positive that will aid me with setup every day before INSANITY.  I moved my practice into our bedroom.  For the past week and a half, I have had to move a large coffee table and rug out of our living room before starting INSANITY.  The rug has scratched our wood floor a little (because of the added weight from the table) so now I’ve created a better solution.  I put a large gym mat into our master bedroom.  I am going to beg my husband to keep it there until I finish this cycle.  It’s put together like several puzzle pieces and I think I can keep it there or take it apart slightly and slide it under the bed when not in use.

I think it adds a nice touch to our master bedroom.  What do you think?

I think it adds a nice touch to our master bedroom. What do you think?

I’m very happy to have that mat.  My knees have been popping and giving me some not-so-nice feedback from all the plyometrics.  I figure the extra support from the mat will help cushion the impact on my joints.  My biggest fear with doing this program is that I’ll injure myself or that I’ll create a weak joint in my knees or ankles.  I am really stressing to keep the correct form.  There are times when I will stop and take a break when I’m too fatigued so my form is never compromised.  I’m not willing to make that sacrifice.  My running is my absolute main passion and I don’t want to compromise my ability.

If you didn’t already know, Insanity is a program from the Beachbody company and they are really big with their Shakeology protein shakes.  A couple friends of mine are Beachbody coaches and they highly recommend the Shakeology shakes.  I’ve tasted the chocolate one and it’s pretty good, but I’m a big fan of the Pro 5 protein powder from Nu-Tek.  I might give Shakeology a try after my current supply runs out, but I definitely can’t justify buying more protein powder when I already have some that I like. For my recovery shake today, I used my Pro 5 vanilla protein powder, a banana, blueberries, chobani Greek yogurt and chia seeds.  (I’m so addicted to Chia Seeds).

Banana, blueberries, chia, chobani, protein powder…. Delish

Banana, blueberries, chia, chobani, protein powder…. Delish

I hope to keep this momentum going through my weekend.  I got a lot going on with Mother’s Day.  We are going to Anna Maria Island again for a family gathering.  I just have to get my workouts done first thing in the morning.  Keep myself accountable and on course.  No excuses!

Do you have a time of day that you feel most energized or motivated to get your workouts done?   If you have a child/children, how to do multitask your workout schedule and your parental duties?

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