Friday Favorites – 7/18/14

Why is it that these summer days seem to go by so quickly? I cannot believe that it is already Friday and that the month of July is zooming by.  I guess it’s not such a bad thing when you’re pregnant and anticipating the arrival of your little baby boy.  So to kick off this warm summer weekend, I’ve linked up with my DC gals Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for another Friday Five.  This week I have brought together a fun list of some of my favorite things.  Hope you enjoy!  



1.  Suja Cold Pressed Juices & Smoothies

I used to juice all the time before I packed up my juicer into storage and moved in with my parents.  I really missed having the option to amp up my nutrients in a quick and satisfying drink, so I started experimenting with a few bottled juices from my local health food stores.  Typically, bottled juices contain way too much sugar and preservatives, but Suja came in for the win on this one.  Definitely grab a bottle and try one out if you like these sort of concoctions.  


2.  Maternity Pictures

This past Monday, I had my maternity photo session on the beach.  The whole family had such a great time rolling around in the sun and sand.  I even got in the surf at the end for a few really awesome solo shots.  My amazing photographer, Kristin, kept me so excited and energized throughout the shoot.  She really made me feel like a preggo goddess.  I cannot wait until she sends me the proofs.   This is just a sneak peak from the preview screen on the back of the camera, so it’s not the usual photo quality, but I had to share.  There was a storm coming in so we were rushing towards the end trying to finish up the session, but we captured some really amazing lighting from the beautiful sunset.  I can’t wait to share more of them.  


3. Lounging in the pool

Who doesn’t love floating around in the water?  There’s definitely worse things to spend your time doing.  

Since I finally kicked my cold and started feeling back to normal, I had some pool time to make up for with my daughter.  I spent almost two weeks on the couch while I was sick, so the vitamin D felt great after the time off.  We have such a great time bonding together over her swim lessons.  My daughter is getting braver and more confident in the pool with every day.  My tan isn’t too shabby now either.


4.  Dave Matthews Band

Wednesday night, my hubby and I attended the Dave Matthews concert together.  Since I’m quite pregnant, we actually splurged on front row seats this year instead of sitting on the lawn like usual.  It was a pretty spectacular show and I’m so glad we went.  I must say, it felt a little awkward to be the pregnant lady in the front row rocking out at a concert, but it was such a great experience.  If you are a Dave Matthews fan or have ever been to one of his concerts, you know what kind of show they are. His concerts are more than just a few sets of songs, they are legendary jam sessions.   He played two sets, one acoustic and one electric, with one encore.  I’ve been to over twenty of his shows (I’ve lost count), and this one was one of the best.  My belly was bumping through most of the electric set.  Baby Duke definitely likes the music.  



5. Inspirational Commercials


What’s on your list of favorites right now?

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  1. Haley, I just started a new job and will NOT have to work this weekend; that picture of you in the pool just gave me a fabulous idea about how to spend some time this weekend – ha! Thanks, girl! I love you maternity pictures, too!! So cute! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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