Favorite Healthy Finger Foods

Hey Guys!  Happy Friday!  I’m just getting ready for the weekend.  I’m pretty excited because I’m co-hosting a good form run clinic with my chapter of Moms Run This Town and one of our local running stores.  We are planning our long run beforehand, then meeting for the clinic, then hitting up breakfast afterwards as a group.  It’s sure to be a great time.  And I’m interested to hear what the coach has to say about my form.  It’s been four years since I’ve had it evaluated.  Hopefully I’m not too out of whack.

Since it’s been waaay too long since I’ve linked up with the DC trifecta, I thought I’d join this for today’s Friday Five.

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You may know that having two young kiddos equates to not a lot of free time. Technically, in my case, I rarely get “me” time, let alone “free” time, but I try to make it work when I can.    But it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it feels like every time I stand up to put something away, or go to the bathroom, I have some little toddler pulling on my leg.  Cooking is definitely not an easy task with a needy child around. But I gotta eat, so I’ve resorted to lots of quick-fix finger foods.  And today I’m sharing some of those with you.


five favorite finger foods


  1.  Hummus and Naan  – One of my favorite snacks all around.  I like to toast the Naan then take the tube of hummus to the living room with me while I play with the rug rats.hummus

2.  Turkey Wrap  – I keep turkey lunch meat in the fridge, roll it up with a tortilla shell with peppers, onions and avocado.  If I have extra time to prepare it, I will throw in tomatoes and lettuce, but typically I just throw the turkey in with the avocado to save time.   A little drizzle of sriracha sauce to seal the deal and I’m golden.  turkey wrap

3.  Cucumber Feta Rolls  – I’ve been using my mandolin a lot lately to cut up veggies for my son and I quickly discovered how much easier it is to prepare snacks with thinly sliced veggies.  This recipe from Good Life Eats for cucumber feta rolls is super easy and fun to make.


4.  Banana Muffins  – My own recipe for allergy free banana muffins are really easy to grab on the go.  And my son can eat them since they are vegan and nut free.  VEGANBANANA-BREAD-41-400x225

5.  Antipasta Skewers – olives, tomatoes, deli meats, and cheese on a wooden skewer.  I really don’t do much to mine, but you can always add a little Italian dressing to season the mixture if you have the time.  You could try this recipe from Taste of Home.  

antipasta skewers



What are your favorite quick fix finger foods?

Which one of these would you make ?

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10 thoughts on “Favorite Healthy Finger Foods”

  1. you had me at hummus and naan! I just discovered these naan crisps (baked and about the size of a potato chip) at the grocery store the other day and they are delicious! even better with hummus. And Sabra is my fav! Those antipasto skewers look good too! what a clever idea.

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