Friday Five: Things I love about my city

Welcome to another glorious Friday.  It’s been a great week and I’m super excited for this weekend.  Later today I’ll be loading up my race gear and heading North to Jacksonville, where I’ll be attempting my first postpartum half marathon at the Best Damn Race Jax.  I’ve got quite a few friends doing the Disney Marathon this weekend too, so it’s a very exciting weekend in Florida for many reasons.  And since we’re talking about Florida, I can easily lead into the subject of this week’s Friday Five, because the lovely ladies of the DC trifecta have selected a theme centered around what we love about our city. 

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  • The Waterfront –  The bay area consists of some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the country, and they’re only a quick trip away.   
  • Gasparilla –  It’s not just the parade and reenactment of the pirate, Jose de Gaspar’s, invasion on the Bay area.  It’s also the name of a local race on beautiful bayshore boulevard, the children’s parade, a film festival, and an art festival.  It’s kind of a big deal here.  Just envision Mardi Gras, but with pirates instead.  
  • Baseball – Tampa Bay has an MLB team, the Rays,  as well as being  the home of the Yankees spring training facility, not to mention, the other dozens of teams here every year for Spring training.  I’ve been a huge baseball fan all my life, so this is a huge perk for me.  
  • The Attractions – As a kid, I grew up going to Busch Gardens and Adventure Island almost weekly. I would get an annual pass every year for Christmas and I couldn’t imagine not growing up without it.  Now as a parent, I’m able to take my children and I can also enjoy the Glazer children’s museum, Lowry Park Zoo, the Florida and Clearwater Marine Aquarium and all the parks and festivals in the area.  We really have a lot to offer.  
  • The Weather – I know I tend to complain about the heat and humidity during the summertime, but our winters more than make up for it.  Like now, as most of the country is suffering the brutality of snow and below freezing temps, I’m happily enjoying this cold front because I know it won’t last more than a few days.  (sorry if I just angered any of my Northern readers)


What is something that you just love about your city?

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11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Things I love about my city”

  1. I lived in Tampa when I was 3-5. I remember bits and pieces like Busch Gardens and a small pond in our backyard (and a nasty bike accident from which I have a permanent scar!!) but haven’t been back since.

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