Getting Crafty with Aerie Lane

** This post is sponsored by Aerie Lane, however, all content and opinions shared are my own.
Although I would love to be the crafty Pinterest mom, showing up at my kids’ school with intricately painted gifts for teachers, hand sewn costumes for halloween, and festive party favors or decorations, as it turns out, I’m actually more of an Amazon Prime mom. And that’s okay. I made peace with that real quick. Which is why a night at the quaint little DIY studio and gathering space, called Aerie Lane, was more than intriguing. I wondered. Could someone incapable of simple crafting be able to hold her own, or would this project turn out like my last disastrous attempted creation? And by the end will I be hopping online and visiting vinylcuttingmachineguide to begin my crafting journey again!
Aerie Lane is located in the quaint coastal town of Safety Harbor, just outside Tampa, FL., the same beautiful town where my favorite race takes place. Just a block off Main Street you’ll find the picturesque cottage that houses the crafting workshop and gathering space. Upon entering the workshop, we were greeted with a beautiful spread of snacks and beverages to enjoy during our experience.
I quickly bypassed the refreshment table and found myself wondering around intrigued by all the beautifully crafted decor and art work. There is no denying the rustic-farmhouse vibe that greets you with signs of family gatherings and wreaths displaying family monograms hanging from the walls. Shelves and table tops adorn framed chalkboards with “Welcome” scripted out, wooden boxes and repurposed ladders shelving plants and succulents arranged around the precious corners of the gathering space. Everything was absolutely darling and I wanted it all.
In one corner of the shop I spotted a peg board with wooden shelves labeled the “Craft Bar”, complete with all the materials, tools and inspiration to help you make your project shine, even for someone as DIY challenged as I.
Each table was arranged with additional tools and all the prearranged supplies required to complete our projects. My selected project was a rustic centerpiece. There were stenciled vinyl already printed and lined out at my place seating with the blocks of wood stacked neatly beside. It was quite lovely to see all the difficult work had already been done. All that was left was for me to do was stain, paint, apply, repeat, enjoy a little wine and snacks while waiting for them to dry, then assemble… it was so simple.

Aerie Lane is the perfect place to gather together with your friends, crafting fun memories along with a charming home decoration. I walked away with so much more than a beautiful decoration. The experience truly was exceptional and I so appreciate the personal value of the piece I created that will now remind me of that.

I would highly recommend Aerie Lane to all my friends and family for social events, girls night out, bachelorette parties, etc. I even spoke to the owner about bringing some of my running friends in for a crafting night to create a rustic medal holder soon.
Please make sure to visit Aerie Lane online and follow them on their Instagram and Facebook to view more inspirational pieces in their gallery, discover more info on workshop schedules, private events, and retail and open craft hours. There are several locations so please be sure to select the location nearest to you to make your reservation and information inquiries.







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