Good Friday News

Most of you already know that we’ve been in the process of preparing our house to sell. For the past few months we’ve been tidying up the yard, painting walls, and attempting to declutter the remnants of a toddler’s household. It feels like just yesterday we were frantically researching Household rubbish removals online and now the majority of our junk is finally gone! I’m so happy! It’s definitely been a long time coming. I didn’t realize how liberating it would feel in finally knowing that we no longer have a ridiculous amount of clutter. I can tell you this, I will definitely make sure that it doesn’t get to this state again. That’s why I’ve been looking at some storage buildings that can be built in our garden for when we move to our new home, so we already have somewhere that can be used as extra storage. Knowing my luck, we’ll find more clutter along the way, but at least it’s starting to get controlled, and this is just the start of my good news. I’m very pleased to announce that we have successfully had our house on the market for two whole weeks now, listed For Sale by Owner, and, as of today, we are officially under contract with a buyer!!!

Yay!!! Now we celebrate!!

For_Sale_By_OwnerHonestly, the sale of our house is very bitter sweet. We love our house, neighbors and the part of town where we live, but our circumstances and lives are changing, so a bigger house is necessary and we really want to move near family.

Something that makes this seem so perfectly timed is the fact that we found the “perfect” home for us to move into upon our closing….. we will most likely be able to place an offer on it next week. It meets all our expectations and is plenty big enough to accommodate our growing family and my husband’s need for an at-home office. We’ve been talking about how he wants to decorate the office and I can tell he’s so excited about it all. I suggested that he got a whiteboard from a company like Writey as I think he’d find it really useful. Plus, I’ve always wanted a whiteboard and the home office seems like the perfect place to put one! He needs lots of space to keep all his folders, documents, and other paperwork safe and secure. He has thought about investing in document management software so that all his files could be managed digitally, but for now we have been so focused on selling our house that we just have not had time to do much research about it. A colleague has recommended that he takes a look at the FilecenterDMS website though, so watch this space, a paperless office could be on the horizon for us!

This is incredible news and it’s just the kind of thing that makes me giddy and excited for the future.

I’m rounding the half way mark in my pregnancy and I can finally relax and settle in to realization that God has his hand on our family and He is going to make sure we are taken care of and provided for when the baby arrives.

I’ve been a little worrisome with the timing process of everything, so I really am relieved to have this taking momentum finally.


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and I wish you all a blessed Good Friday. For those of you with little children, I want to hear all about how you celebrate with them. We are doing our first Easter egg hunt with our LO this Sunday at my family’s annual Easter potluck luncheon. There’s about 70-80 of us Italians that get together every Easter Sunday for a large gathering of food and family. I’ll have pictures to show the grand scale of it sometime next week..

My allergies appear to have settled down so I’m back outside running again. Actually, my workouts have been going very well and I’m even running 2-3 times a week. I’ve had some wonderful, but slow, runs in the past week, and I’m really enjoying my prenatal yoga courses. My legs are feeling so great with all the attention to my hips and hamstrings. It’s complimenting my running quite nicely. I’ll have a full review of my workouts for you by Sunday.

I want to share something with you that I am totally obsessed with as of lately. I discovered this mommy/yogi on Instagram a few weeks ago and I just cannot get enough of her pictures and videos. She is amazing and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with everyday. She includes her 4 year old daughter in some of her yoga poses and I am mesmerized by their beauty and grace. It’s heavenly to see their bond through the art of yoga. If you aren’t on Instagram, this is a big enough reason to begin an account.

When you log on to instagram next, make sure to look me up and follow me. I post some yoga stuff too, but I don’t look half as graceful and poised as Laura, especially since my poses are baby belly friendly these days.

What are your plans for Easter weekend? Anybody racing?

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