Happy Two Years to Harrison

It happened.  My baby boy turned two.


I hear people talk all the time about the years flying by – and I think I even commented something like this on Harrison’s one year update – but until these milestones hit, you really don’t realize just how fast the time passes.  The days are long, but the years are definitely short.

In the past six months since I updated the blog with Harrison’s stats, we’ve made some incredible gains.  We lost some ground along the way, but overall, we are making great strides in regards to Harrison’s health and development.  At one time, I was incredibly concerned for his development and growth.  Today I can breath a little easier knowing that he’s back on the road to health and can begin this next stage of his life, even if it is a little different than most children his age.
His growth may be at the low end of the charts, but one thing that is definitely not delayed is Harrison’s speech.  This kid likes to talk.  His vocabulary makes quite an impression on those who meet him – most likely because he is so small and people aren’t used to seeing a tiny toddler talking that much. Whether at the grocery store or at the doctor’s office, he makes his presence known with a wave of his hand and a “Hi” or introduction of himself (he says “Harrison”  motioning to his chest)  Moments like those are the ones that burst my cheeks like smiles. His dimpled grin and playful giggles are just samples of his beaming personality.

What’s even more impressive is this kid’s ability to swing a bat.  The tee and the bat are larger than he is, but it doesn’t stop him from whacking the ball clear across the room.  He makes contact with the ball then drops the bat and takes off running.  He rounds the dining room table then heads back to the tee waiting for a high five before he passes the bat to his sister or one of us cheering him on.  We have big dreams for this little guy.


Height & Weight:  22 lbs 31 inches    Unfortunately, Harrison lost some weight back in August while he was sick.  We were really getting excited to see his stats trend upwards on the growth chart, but with a month long infection that affects the intestines, weight loss was to be expected.  Thankfully, his appetite is back on track and he’s slowly gaining weight and trending back up the growth chart.




Eating:   Currently Harrison likes to eat a pretty well rounded diet.  He is on a pork kick at the moment, so breakfast mostly consists of ham, bacon or sausage with breakfast potatoes.  He loves broccoli, red peppers and green beans and eats a lot of rice.  He’s still a toddler, so his preferences change almost weekly, but I think he has a really great variety for now.  He still has so many limitations and restrictions with his nutrition, but I’m optimistic since he’s eating a good amount of healthy foods.img_6465

Sleeping:  He is back to sleeping through the night and doing so back in his crib.  We had a few weeks where we were concerned we may need to transition him to a big boy bed due to his noncompliance, but thankfully, we have successfully harnessed the parental power for bedtime habits again.

Clothing:  Even though Harrison is still very skinny, he has grown a considerable amount in height.  He outgrew his 18 month pajamas a few months ago and is comfortably slumbering in 24 month size pajamas now.  His waist is still very slim, so he can get away with 18 month shorts, pants and t-shirts.  His feet are still pretty tiny for a child his age, but he’s been rocking a pair of size 5 Chuck Taylors for a couple weeks and I hope we get our money worth because they are too too cute on him.img_2335


  • Shows more and more independence every day.  Say’s “Harrison’s turn” or “Harrison do it” whenever he deems necessary.
  • Plays with his sister and independently  The joy of watching your children play together for the first time is like no other.  Pure pride and bliss.
  • Speaks in 2-3 word sentences. Example: “Mommy’s turn” “Harrison do it” “Abuela cooking jamon”  – He speaks Spanglish FYI
  • Knows parts of the body
  • Follows Instructions Example:  Go throw your popsicles stick away.
  • Beginning to sort shapes and colors
  • Climbs up and down chairs and furniture
  • Runs, kicks, throws overhand, feeds himself
  • Plays make believe



  • Riding on the back of Daddy’s bike
  • Driving his power wheels – and he does it pretty well.
  • Playing hide & seek or tag with his sissy (sister)
  • Playing outdoors
  • Trains, Airplanes, Cars and Trucks and any related material (Choo Choo Soul, Thomas the Train, etc.)
  • Baseball, hitting the ball off the tee, playing catch, etc.
  • Ipad & iPhone games, watching those whacky kid videos on Youtube
  • Playing with the sensory table



  • His skincare routine – little Duke does not like being schmeared with lotions and ointments, but it is a necessity that he will most likely have to continue for his entire life due to his eczema.
  • His hair being messed with too much – An occasional combing is about all he cares for these days.  And don’t even attempt to wash his hair if you don’t want to get screamed at.
  • Doctors & Nurses –  to be expected since he’s had some traumatic experiences with both.
  • Bananas & Applesauce


Our little man is growing into the most amazing person.  His personality is shining bright and clear.  From the early morning calls for Mommy from his crib, to the giggles and requests for snuggles in the evening.  With a glimpse of his naked rear end running through the house just before bath time, I can’t help but laugh and take a polaroid for my mind. It’s all too sweet and precious. And instances like these are fleeting faster than I can write this post, Best not to blink or he will be grown.


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