Head Down!!

I didn’t want to wait until next week to give an update on baby Duke.  We got some really amazing news at my 30 week ultrasound appointment yesterday, so I had to share.  

Drum Roll Please…….

Our little man is perfectly positioned with his head down.  

You can’t even imagine how absolutely thrilled I was, almost to the point of tears, when the ultrasound technician confirmed his orientation.  By all the movements I’ve been experiencing, I thought for sure that he was curled up in the transverse position near the top of my uterus, but I was so relieved to hear that I was wrong.  

If you’re wondering why I’m so thrilled with his head down pose, it has a little something to do with my attempt at a VBAC.  Essentially, this is all I needed to get the green light from my practitioner to have this baby the good ol’ fashion way.  

I can’t be certain that my efforts to turn him were successful, or if he just positioned himself in that way automatically.   I’ll definitely have a future post drafted soon to share what I did to encourage him to do so.   In the meantime, please enjoy this little snippet of the video from our ultrasound.  The best part is when I’m told that the baby is head down.  


Hope you enjoy!  

(the video is actually from my cell phone, which isn’t very clear, but the commentary is what is entertaining.  My ultrasound tech, Lynnette, is fabulous, and as soon as she put the doppler on my belly my little baby kicked her.  lol   The images that are displayed aren’t very clear, but what you’re looking at is his profile in the beginning.  He has almost an identical profile of his big sister, who is sitting next to me with my mom’s assistance.)

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4 thoughts on “Head Down!!”

    1. Thanks Sue. I’m praying everything else lines up perfectly. C-sections aren’t the end of the world, but it’ll just make my whole process easier with the toddler and moving, so I’m feeling really blessed right now.

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