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Many people have asked about Harrison, so here’s another update.
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 Late Thursday afternoon we were finally discharged from the hospital.   We are now back in the comfort of our home and he is doing well. 

While kept in isolation at the children’s hospital, Harrison was tested for many, many different things.  

After insufferably being poked and prodded, test results uncovered he was not only suffering from one ailment, but three separate viruses & infections: Rhinovirus (which is a fancy way of saying the common cold), Enterovirus (a bacterial infection that affects the gastrointestinal area along with respiratory system), and a new-to-me bacterial infection named C. Difficile (this causes diarrhea and inflammation of the colon). 

While in the hospital, Harrison was given an IV for fluids to help hydrate him, Tylenol, for his fever and he began a cycle of antibiotics to treat the C. diff.    

Doctors and nurses evaluated his vitals around the clock and expressed their concern for his weight loss and low body weight

When we left the hospital yesterday, I was concerned we may be leaving prematurely because he was acting very mopey and still sick, but since we’ve been home he’s been in good spirits and has been making strides in the right direction, but we are not out of the woods quite yet. 

 At the recommendation of his gastroenterologist, he will undergo an outpatient gastrointestinal endoscopy at a further date to determine if there are underlying issues with malabsorption or inflammation from his allergies or infections. There is much to be learned through a biopsy, and the information obtained  will greatly aid in our constant quest to provided him with the proper nutrition.  

Additionally, we will be retesting his allergies through blood work to determine if he has developed more or outgrown some.  Many children outgrow their allergies by their two year birthday, which he will celebrate this month, so I am hopeful.  Please continue to lift us up in your prayers as we move forward with treatments.  Harrison lost 20% of his already-below-the-chart body weight during our struggles in August.  Much of our challenges are due to his allergies, so his nutrition is a huge part of getting him back on track and thriving.  As much as we think gaining weight is easy, it’s very difficult for a picky toddler who is so restricted in his diet. 

Thanks for all the calls, texts and messages over the week.  Everyone has been so great and wonderful in our time of need.    

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