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It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my Influenster Voxboxes. Since I’ve been able to shift the focus of my blog from running to other facets of my life, I feel like this is a perfect opportunity to introduce you to another thing that I’ve been into.
Influenster is an influencer (duh) platform that allows for product discovery and reviews. More specifically, they send social media influencers products to sample, and share their experience online. If you are active on social media, be sure to sign up for Influenster so you may take advantage and sample the products too.  It’s free to sign up and blogging is not a necessity, but it does help.   To help advance my social media presence I’ve even established my own Youtube channel.  You can seed my voxbox unboxing (actually a big thing in the influenster world) below.  And be sure to subscribe to my YT channel for more awesome videos to come.

Every so often, Influenster will send me an package called a Voxbox. My job is to try the products, share my experience, and then blog or post to social media about what I think. It’s pretty brainless. A while back I posted about my experience with a different Voxbox.  I haven’t posted one since because I felt it didn’t relate to my blogging content, but that was one of the reasons I went with a self titled blog/website.   But I digress.  How about we just take a look at what the Jingle Voxbox included.Jingle Vox Box Review

For whatever reason, this voxbox was named with a christmas theme.  It was shipped after the holidays, but didn’t contain holiday themed items, so I’m still scratching my head on that one.  Nonetheless, this was a very great voxbox, full of fantastic products to try.

*** As a reminder: I received these products in my Influenster Voxbox for free in exchange for my honest review  ***



Biscoff Cookies

Currently, I am not able to enjoy these tasty little cookies, because of my diet restrictions.  (boo!!!)  However, I am fully aware of how delicious they are because I’ve eaten them many times.  They’re similar to biscotti: crunchy, flavorful, somewhat nutty, and great with dessert, coffee or hot tea.





Ore-Ida Tater Tos

As I said in my unboxing, we are a tater tot obsessed family right now.  With my son’s allergies, he’s limited on what he can eat, but potatoes are one of the items that he can and does enjoy.  So we keep 2-3 bags of Ore-Ida mini tater tots on hand at all times.  I think they’re super delicious with some sriracha sauce and chicken sausage for breakfast, and so does my son.  When I’m able to do so, I’m going to make tater tot nachos.



Pure Ice Nail Polish


Pure Ice Nail Polish

Green is not my preferred color choice, but surprisingly this color looked much better on than it did in the bottle.  It took two thick coats to get it dark enough for my liking, but it ended up looking very nice.  It appeared to have similar quality to the other high end brands that I purchase.  And the glitter made it look very elegant.





Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

This is already one of my top beauty products.  I’ve been using Cetaphil for years.  It’s a great product.  It doesn’t clog my pores, isn’t too greasy, and a little goes a long way.  And best of all, it’s really affordable.



rapunzel itty bitty


Hallmark Itty Bittys

I did not even known these cute little guys existed.  She’s a plush doll perfect for travel or small children.  Just by sheer coincidence we received Rapunzel too.  We are big fans of Disney’s Tangled so my daughter was thrilled to have this cute little doll in her possession.  She confiscated it immediately after I opened the box and I haven’t seen it since.





NYC City Proof


NYC 24 hour Waterproof Eyeliner 

This is probably my favorite item from the box.  I really thought this liner was fantastic.  The application was so simple.  It glides on and has major stay power.  I wore it for the Disney Marathon and got so many compliments.  A++ from me on this one.




kiss lashes and adhesive


Kiss True Volume Lashes and Adhesive with Aloe

I really suck at eyelash application, but these went on fairly easily and blended nicely with my real lashes.  The adhesive held the lashes in place nicely and it didn’t irritate my skin, however, I wasn’t a huge fan of the black color.  It’s unforgiving of mistakes and since I’m a lash newbie, I got black glue all over my lashes and lids.  I’ll definitely purchase some of the clear adhesive next time.



So there you have it.  My full review from the Jingle Voxbox from Influenster.  Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and keep an eye out for the next unboxing.

Have you ever tried a product sampling service like Influenster?

Would you be interested in any of these particular products?

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