June 2015 Workout Playlist

This month I have been jamming out to a bunch of electronic and hip hop songs during my workouts.  It’s not unusual for me to listen to contrasting music  styles when I run.  The BPM get me into a certain groove that alt/rock just can’t provide for me.  Of course, you would never catch me listening to techno music in my car or for any other reason.  But lo and behold, I do find some electronic music pleasant when i’m pounding the pavement.

Hope you enjoy the tunes.  and if you’re out running this weekend, here’s hoping you have some quick feet.

Haley is a wife, SAHM, runner and yoga enthusiast. She's a chapter leader for Moms Run This Town and very active in the race community where she lives. She spends her time juggling the duties of motherhood, while training for her various endurance style events.

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