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After my daughter was born, sleep became a little sparse in my life. But with the absence of sleep, came the increase in caffeine. I looked around at lots of different coffee makers, including reviews for a Keurig K Select Single Serve Coffee Machine. I visited lots aof sites and shops that sold coffee brewers, but never actually got around to buying one. That was until my mother caught on to what I was after.

Queue the Keurig Coffee Brewer.

My mother bought me a Keurig for Christmas two years ago and it’s been used almost every day since I pugged it into my kitchen outlet. It has certainly helped get me through many sleepless nights and early morning runs.

So when I found out that I could have the opportunity to test out some of their new K-cups for a review, I signed up immediately.

The thing about this particular review that struck me as the most appealing was the fact that I could test out the new iced beverage K-cups. You see, I am an avid iced coffee drinker. I ordinarily brew a cup of coffee from my Keurig in the morning and then I swing by Dunkin Donuts during my afternoon errands and pick up an iced brew during the heat of the day. So there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity.

I didn’t receive my test packet until after I returned from our vacation, so you can imagine my anticipation when I opened up the content and had to hold off until the next day to test it out.

*** I was given free product from Keurig Brew Over Ice to conduct this review ***

As always, all opinions are my own.

This is what I got:

3 Sample K-cups

Strawberry Pomergranate Sweet and Creamy Iced Coffee Snapple Peach Ice Tea
Cardboard Coasters

Brew Over Ice Coasters
Light-up Ice Bucket with Tongs

Brew Over Ice Bucket
Brew Over Ice Tumbler

Keurig Tumbler

This is how it all works.

The K-cups go into your Keurig, then you place an ice filled tumbler or beverage cup under the brewer, select your beverage size

Keurig Brew Over Ice

and wait for delicious iced drinks to brew fresh in seconds.

Keurig Brew Over Ice Tea

It’s that easy.

This is what I thought about the products I was given:

Snapple Peach Ice Tea

Snapple Peach Iced Tea – I thought it tasted true to a Snapple product. The tea was refreshing and tasty. I don’t personally enjoy drinks with aspartame, so I wouldn’t purchase this for myself, but definitely recommend for someone who enjoys these types of artificially sweetened flavored teas.

Strawberry Pomergranate

Vitamin Burst Acai Berry Iced Fruit Brew – This particular flavored tea uses the Stevia Extract for sweetening, so I would definitely purchase this flavor in the future.

The Acai flavor is juicy and refreshing without being too sweet and overwhelming. I really enjoyed this one.

Sweet and Creamy Iced Coffee

Donut House Sweet & Creamy – I wish this brew had been a little less sweet. I would have enjoyed it more without the strength of the sugar. If they made a Creamy version with out the sweetness added, I would buy it (and probably wouldn’t make my Dunkin Donuts run every afternoon). My personal taste for iced coffee is a slightly sweetened blend. I did like the non dairy creamer that is used to make it “creamy.” And I’m particularly fond of the Donut House Collection of regular K-cups so I’ll try other versions to test them out too.

Overall, I am really glad I got to participate in this review. Not only is the process simple, but everyone is bound to find an iced brew just for them. Just check out all the varieties for the Brew Over Ice here.

SweepstakesMake sure to participate in the “Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes.” You can do so here. Also, you can download a $2 off product coupon here and watch the Brew Over Ice video while you’re there.

If you’d like to enter my giveaway for a Brew Over Ice care package {like the one I received} you can post a comment below and I’ll randomly select one winner next Wednesday, August 28, 2013. Just tell me what flavor you’d like to test out from the varieties listed here. {I use to select my contest winners}

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