Last Week’s Workouts

This past week was a pretty harsh week for me and my fitness schedule. It wasn’t pretty. I did a lot of slacking. And I’m especially disappointed with myself because it’s the second to last week of this INSANITY program. Why on Earth would I wait until the last 14 days to take time off??

Here’s a couple reasons.

It was my husbands last week at his job. He has decided to take another position with a different firm. That’s great and we are happy about this decision, but it created a little bit of a hiccup with our health and dental insurance. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say we had to crunch in a bunch of last minute dental and doctor’s appointments before the end of the month. So that has kept me fairly busy. Then along side that, I lost a bartender at the restaurant so I had to pick up extra shifts to cover the bar in his absence. (Not an easy feat with a toddler) I still don’t know if they are looking into covering these shifts for the upcoming week. One thing is for certain, I cannot keep working those extra shifts. I don’t have the babysitting resources to cover extra shifts.

So here is a look at what I did, and didn’t do, this week.

Monday 6/17 – Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit I was running a little behind with getting the baby down for her nap, so I had to cut the workout short by 15 minutes in order to get ready for work. I’m actually really looking forward to hearing more about the T25 workout from Shaunt T and Beachbody. 25 minutes sounds like a plan that I can follow without a hitch.

Tuesday 6/18 – Max Interval Plyo This was a solid performance. It felt good, I sweated like a maniac, and burned over 450 calories in the 52 minute workout. Still managed to get in a headstand up against the wall for a little more #Inversionaday action.

Wednesday 6/19 – Dentist Day By 10 a.m. on Wednesday, I required emergency dental care. Not the best start to a day! My mother saved the day as she came over to watch the baby so that I could seek help. Having a baby to look after whilst receiving dental care would not have been ideal! You’re probably wondering what I did that meant I had to see an emergency dentist so urgently. Well, I managed to crack my tooth by falling over and hitting my mouth. The dentist did a great job and it was over pretty quickly, but overall this day was tragic because I was numb and sore until 6pm (my appointment was at 11:00am). I was slobbering all over the place that day. I have to go back to get more work done next week too, to get two fillings. I wasn’t feeling well at all when I came home, so I took the whole day off and rested. Dental work takes a lot of out me. I remember a few years ago I visited somewhere like wagga dentist and I had to have a filling. The whole process was so quick and easy but I was so tired when I got home! It seriously tires me out!!

Thursday 6/20 – No Workout Since it was my hubby’s last week at work, his coworkers took him out for lunch. I came with the baby and we had a good ole time. I had to work that evening so getting in a late workout session was out of the question. I just sucked it up and told myself I’d make it up on the weekend.

Friday 6/21 – No workout My daughter had an appointment at the pediatrician at 2:30 (right in the middle of her nap time and my workout time).

Saturday 2/22 – No workout By this time in the week, I had called it a bust. Going to start fresh next week.

Sunday 2/23 – No workout Felt like a beach bum.

I’m fairly disappointed with my productivity, but I’m not going to let it carry into the following week.

Have you ever had a terribly busy week that prohibits you from getting in your workouts?

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1 thought on “Last Week’s Workouts”

  1. Sorry things have been so hectic!

    In answer to your question, yes. Sometimes a week get crazy busy, or someone get sick, or things come up, and I have to write the week off. However, tomorrow is another day, and I enjoy looking ahead to the next week when I can back in the saddle and at it.

    Hope things settle down quickly!

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