Last Week’s Workouts – 6/7/15

Monday 6/1 – Max 30 Cardio Challenge

Tuesday 6/2 – PiYo Upper Focus

Wednesday 6/3 – Ran 3 miles with double stroller for National Running Day   10:42 average pace

Thursday 6/4 – Max 30 Tabata Strength

Friday 6/5 – Rest

Saturday 6/6 –  8.27 miles with MRTT group  12.01 pace (not sure how accurate this is – Garmin was left uncharged so I had to use my Nike Running app)  I didn’t walk too much, but did stop for a couple cross walks so that may be why the pace is so slow.  IDK

Sunday 6/7  – Stretch, Foam Roll ( I NEED to do more of this during the week.  I need tips to make it a priority,  please share yours below)

One thing is for sure, I’m feeling a groove and I like it.  Workouts are in full training mode and I’m liking it!  =)  I always feel best when I have a schedule and I make running a main focus.  I always say “I’m just one run away from a good mood”  So maybe that’s my reasoning for feeling so groovy these days.

This past weekend marked the fourth consecutive Saturday running with my local MRTT run group.  I’ve connected with a handful of mamas and I’m really excited to have some motivation for my weekend long runs.  This week I ran the farthest since the Sarasota Half marathon back in March.  It felt really good and I was able to “run” the entire duration, which was a great feeling.  I think my cardio is finally coming back to me.  I guess it’s about time anyway, seeing how I’m almost 9 months postpartum.  Whaaaaaaat?   That’s crazy to me.  Time Flies!

(Be sure to stay tuned for a postpartum update soon too).

This week also marked the start of my husband’s journey back to fitness.  He had fallen off the fitness wagon a year ago when he took a job that required him to travel consecutively.  He is still traveling for work, but now he’s decided to start working out in his hotel room while on the road, thanks to the convenience  of Beachbody on Demand.  With the new streaming service, he can access an entire catalog of workouts with just the click of his mouse.

(Be sure to message me if you’d like more info on the Beachbody on demand service)

With Daddy Duke getting his groove back, we’ve been able to workout together a few times.  And let me tell you how nice it’s been to have a workout partner.  I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.

Over the weekend we had a couple get-togethers to commemorate a few special occasions.

Sunday we celebrated my best friend’s upcoming baby.

This is her first baby.  We’ve been friends for seventeen years (ever since our lifeguarding days at Adventure Island) so it make me so happy to know that our kiddos will be so close in age.  (Harrison will be 10 months older that her daughter)  Being that she’s one of my best friends, I just had to make another motorcycle diaper cake for her.  I had so much fun doing the first one for my other girlfriend’s shower, so this time I knew exactly how to do it and put some more planning and color coordination together.  Aside from how cute they are, they are constructed with very functional items, so they make very realistic gifts.  What soon-to-be mother doesn’t want diapers, blankets, socks, washcloths, bibs and bottles for their upcoming baby collection?

My friend Heidi made one for me when I was pregnant with rosalyn and it was the perfect shower gift.  She showed me how to make the first one I did.   Her mom is super duper crafty and sews some of the most amazing personalized gifts.  If you ever need a T-shirt blanket or something special sewn, definitely go check out her Facebook page @ Jill’s Threads  But I digress…..

After the baby shower, we made our way to the Safety Harbor Cultural Center for a graduation party for my cousin.  He just graduated from high school and will be starting college soon at the University of Florida.  A large group of my family gathered together for a typical potluck style dinner to celebrate the man of the hour.

Here’s something very rare.  A family photo of the four of us.  Not the greatest picture, but a group shot, nonetheless.   We managed to capture a little baby wearing selfie outdoors too, sans the threenager.



Harrison has been really enjoying his snuggles in the Tula lately.  This makes me really happy too, because I am such a fan of the closeness that we share while BW.  You may, or may not, notice my organic nursing necklace in these pictures.  It’s been such a great tool for Harrison to use while we are breastfeeding.  He would typically twiddle or pinch me while he’s eating, but with the nursing necklace he manages to keep entertained enough to leave me alone.  You can search through dozens of different crochet nursing necklace designs at  I actually got two compliments on my necklace Sunday from people who had no idea it was a nursing necklace.  It has a hippy-chic look and feel to it which I love with my summer wardrobe.  And by Summer wardrobe, I mean shorts and tank tops.

By the time we got home from our events, we were all so tuckered out.  Both kids fell asleep on the car ride home and then it was baths and bedtime asap.  I was exhausted from being gone all day.  Weekends are exhausting!

What did you do this weekend?

How do you incorporate foam rolling into your workout schedule?

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    1. My trick is to let everything else go. My house is always a mess and I’m constantly playing catch up with laundry and the kitchen clean up. It sounds terrible, and it is, but staying with my workouts are just about the only thing I prioritize.

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