Last Week’s Workouts – Week Three of Insanity Max 30

Week of February 2, 2015

Week in Workouts


Monday – Max 30 Cardio Challenge/3 miles with double stroller.  
Tuesday – Max 30 Tabata Strength/2 miles with double stroller  
Wednesday – Max 30 Sweat Intervals
Thursday – PiYo upper body focus
Friday – Rest and stretch
Saturday – 13.1 miles at Best Damn Race Safety Harbor
Sunday – 90 minute Yin Yoga, foam roll  

Can we just say WOW!  I’m loving the changes I’m beginning to see with my body.  I’m not even talking about any weight loss, as of yet.  I’m talking about baby muscles.  I’m actually starting to see my biceps and triceps returning to the surface and my waist is beginning to sculpt back into existence.   YAY!!!  Non Scale Victory Over Here!!!    This week was another successful one.  I took it really easy with the Max 30 workouts because I had a half marathon on Saturday.  I was pacing my girlfriend for her first half, so I didn’t plan to go all out, but I wanted to feel healthy for the whole thing and support her through it.  So I did mostly modified versions of the Max 30 workouts Monday thru Wednesday and took it really low key with some PiYo on Thursday.  I completely skipped workouts on Friday and stuck to just some light stretching and foam rolling.  I was feeling fresh and ready for the half on Saturday and I think I did pretty well.  Especially since I haven’t been running many days or many miles on my running days because of focusing on the Max 30 workouts.  It’s been a great addition to my training and it’s really starting to help me with my endurance too.  


Something I was able to try during my workouts these past few weeks and got to test out in it’s full entirety is the new dry spray antiperspirant from Degree. DrySprayI was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary sample of this in my influenster #voxbox.  I have to say, I haven’t used a spray on deodorant or antiperspirant since my college softball days, and I was a little skeptical at first.  I used to love spray antiperspirant back in the day, but I hated the mess it made on my clothes.  The first day I tried the dry spray, I was surprised by the clean and clear application.  It didn’t stain up my shirts and it sprayed on completely dry, not sticky, or wet.  And it truthfully lasted through the entire day and throughout my workouts.   It goes on smooth and dry and lasts through the day with a fresh scent.  

With such an active lifestyle chasing after my kids and making it through my intense Max 30 workouts, I’m happy to have an antiperspirant that keeps me dry and feeling fresh.  

Have you ever tried dry spray antiperspirant?  Does your deodorant make it through the day?

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