Last Week’s Workouts – Week Two of Insanity Max 30

Week of January 26, 2015:

Week in Workouts

Monday – Max30 Cardio Challenge

Tuesday – Max30 Tabata Strength

Wednesday – Max30 Sweat Intervals

Thursday – Max30 Tabata Strength

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 4 Mile Run

Sunday – 60 Min Yoga

Woo Hoo! Last week I wrapped up the second week of Insanity Max 30. I really can’t tell you how much I love this program. It’s been the best thing for me, especially at a time when getting back into a routine is so difficult. I mean, who doesn’t have 30 minutes to spare for a little sweat session? And, I’m serious, if I can do this, ANYONE CAN DO THIS.

This past week I really had to focus on getting in all of my workouts. Regardless of the fact that my kiddos didn’t always cooperate, I still managed to get it done EVERY DAY – with the exception of my rest day. I am very proud of myself for that too.. It’s really easy to use my kids as an excuse as to why I didn’t get my workout completed. There are plenty of days when they’re cranky, or disruptive, or in the way, but I’m making this commitment to change, and THAT’S IMPORTANT TO ME.

I’m the first to admit that it’s tough. My husband travels, I’m sleep deprived and I’m alone most days without any help. So I get it. It’s tough. But it’s important to me, so I’m finding the time to make it happen. Period.


This week, most of the workouts went extremely well. I can know see that my biggest weakness is the pushups. I’m really terrible at pushups right now. There was a time when I could knock out 10 beautiful pushups on my knees, but right now I can’t even do that. And I feel completely weak and ridiculous when it’s time to knock out a couple dozen pushups for this program. But I’m trying the best I can, and that’s all I can do. Eventually, I know that its going to get easier.

Another big challenge I’m facing right now is my joints and ligaments. Since I’m still breastfeeding, I have to be careful and listen to my body a little more intently. I have high amounts of prolactin present, so my joints and ligaments are acting up a little. Before the baby, I used to tackle this with the help of cbd products, which are great for joint pain. I wish I still could but I’m not sure what impact it would have on my breast milk. They even do thc juul pods now so I could simply pop it into my vape pen, if only! Instead, I’m foam rolling and taking it easy when I can to give myself a little slack when I feel anything out of the ordinary. But I’m taking it somewhat easy, knowing that I’m more at risk for injury if I don’t listen to my body.

I didn’t run hardly at all last week since I was so focused on Insanity Max. The good news is that I’m feeling strong and healthy for the upcoming week, which includes my second half marathon of the year. And of course, since I have the half on Saturday, I’m planning to take it easy with the Max30 workouts. I’m going to be part of the #ModifySquad this week. That’s just another reason why I love this program so much. I can completely go at my own pace. Even though I am not able to go full speed and really dig deep, I am satisfied with pushing myself with the modifier, because that’s just going to aid me in ramping up my strength and agility towards a second cycle. And that’s when you know you’re really going to start seeing the change in me.


Cheers to another fabulous week for me and you!!!

How was your week in workouts?

Do you scale down your cross training (cross fit, body pump, weight training, etc.) the week of a big race?

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