Marathon Training and Goals for August

First of all, I cannot believe that we are already into the month of August.  This year has flown by.  More than anything, I can’t believe that my little baby is going to be turning two years old in four months.  WOW!  It really makes me want to cry.


This is one of the pictures from our family photo shoot last month.  I <3 her!!!

This is one of the pictures from our family photo shoot last month.


Okay,  enough with the pseudo sadness.  Let’s get on to my goals and marathon training schedule for August.  

Something that I’m definitely amped up about for this month is my increase in mileage for my long runs.  Yay!!!  I haven’t run more than 7 miles at a time since the Iron Girl Half Marathon back in April.  That’s three very long, and very hot months that I have been absent from the long distance running.  You might guess that I did that on purpose to avoid the sweltering heat, and I did, mostly.  But even so, now we are entering the worst month for outdoor training.  Between the daily thunderstorms, funnel clouds and hurricane season upon us, I’m going to have to be careful not to slack off and over sleep on my run days.  Afternoon showers are inevitable during this time of year, so I want to avoid the evening runs and stick to the early a.m. if at all possible.  Otherwise, I’ll end up like this gal.  

Found this picture on from last year during the Hurricane before the Republican National Convention

Found this picture on from last year during the Hurricane before the Republican National Convention


Another thing about  this upcoming month’s marathon schedule is that I’ll be adding a fourth day of running into my weeks.  So instead of only running Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays, I’ll now be running Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This is something that my coach and I decided was best, since I had taken the time off during my INSANITY Challenge.  

Here is what my weekly training schedule will look like for the month of August.


Mondays: 5-6 Easy Miles

Tuesdays: Cross Train  

Wednesdays: Tempo Runs and Speed Drills  

Thursdays: 5-6 Easy Miles  

Fridays: Yoga  

Saturdays: Long Runs

Sundays: Rest Days

In addition to the added day of running, I will continue to incorporate the hip exercises that were prescribed by my physical therapist.  I’m also going to resume my #Plankaday challenge as well.   I’ll have plenty of pictures of me planking away on my {Instagram} page.

With regard to my diet, I’m going to continue to follow along the same plan as previously.  However, I am planning on joining my fellow blogging friend Meghan in her challenge to eliminate all dairy from her diet.  This is going to be extremely difficult for me with regards to two items:  Coffee creamer and Greek Yogurt.  I am not a very excessive cheese lover, nor do I drink milk, but I have been known to chow down on some Chobani Yogurt once a day and I’m also a HUGE fan of the Greek dishes that include Tzatziki and Hummus.  And it’s not a secret that I’m a coffee addict.  I typically drink flavored creamer in my coffee, so I might be switching to teas for the month, or I’ll have to learn to drink it black.  So it looks like this will be the most challenging aspect of my diet for the next 31 days.

What are your goals for the next 30 days?  Do you think you could go dairy free for a whole month.  

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1 thought on “Marathon Training and Goals for August”

  1. For the next 30 days, I plan to dig in and get back on track for my 10 miler in October.

    Honestly, I have no desire to go dairy free. I love cheese and ice cream is my cheat food, so it’s kind of off the table. Best of luck to you in your journey, though. I’m sure you’ll do great. 🙂

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