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This was my very last week of InsanityWoo Hoo!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for the finish of this Insanity program.  It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed it, or the insanely intense workouts that I’ve endured.  I have most definitely enjoyed it, and I have absolutely felt the full extent of this program and all the demands, mostly on my knees, that it requires.  And I’ve loved it; especially the changes in my body that I’ve seen because of it.

The reason I am so excited for this regimen to be completed is because I’m looking forward to the training that lies ahead.   What am I referring to, you ask???

Marathon Training

Yes.  I have taken the plunge and I will begin my marathon training next week.  Can I get another Woo Hoo!!

Whoo Hoo

Ever since I completed the Gasparilla Mich Ultra Challenge, I have debated whether or not I wanted to dive into the marathoning world.  That race left me in pain and sore for days and truthfully,  half marathons have kept me motivated and satisfied up until now.  But now I’m ready and longing to challenge myself beyond.

I’ve been stuck in the middle of a little cross road.  I have wrestled with the thought of training towards a faster half marathon, a sub 2:00:00 to be exact, and the idea of adding marathoner to my resume.  I was so close to a sub 2 hour finish at the St. Patty’s Day Halfathon, and I hadn’t really trained that intense leading up to it.  The possibility of shaving off an additional 4 minutes to drop under 2 hours has haunted me ever since.  Additionally, I’ve really wanted to challenge myself for the distance factor too.  It just isn’t enough for me to say that I’m a half marathoner anymore.  I absolutely hate that I have to add that four letter word in from of marathon.  So it’s time I really find out just what I can  do. You know, figure out my full potential.  So the verdict is:   I will be training for both.

Ever since I began thinking about taking that step, I have been pondering and deliberating about the when, where and hows of running a marathon.

question mark


First came the WHEN:


My husband and I have been talking about planning for another child.  Our daughter is 19 months old, and we had originally talked about starting the awesome process of “trying” for another one around this time.   We both previously agreed that a 2 year age difference is the perfect gap between siblings.  However, the original discussion where we had previously agreed upon a two year age difference doesn’t factor in now because I’ve had a change in heart.

Due to the fact that our daughter was born by c-section, the probability that I will have to deliver our second by the same means is much greater.  With that scenario, I figured it would be best to have our daughter become a little more independent.  Mommy isn’t ready to take on all those responsibilities and sleepless nights while attempting to potty train.   So we I decided to hold off until after our daughter’s second birthday.  My husband wasn’t too happy about this decision, but ultimately, I felt I had the last call, especially since he will be traveling a lot more with his new job.

So since we are not playing the baby making game until after November, I decided now was just as good a time as any to attempt to run a marathon, but I needed to find something scheduled before the end of the year.  October through December would be my preferred time frame.


Next came the WHERE:


I knew that I wanted a flat course for my first time.  It’s scary enough to think about running for 26.2 miles.  If I have to train and worry about trekking up and down hills, I don’t know that I could handle it.  Living in Florida there are many courses that boast flat and fast,  but I wanted to make sure it was going to be a memorable course as well.   My first half marathon was the Disney Wine and Dine. It was a perfect choice for my first half marathon.  They provide all the resources a runner could want or need throughout the course. Disney races are great about that.    And as nice as Disney races are, they are also extremely crowded and very expensive.   So the Disney Marathon was out of the question.

I had also thought about the Chicago Marathon as a perfect choice for my first.  It’s notorious for being a flat and fast course and it winds throughout one of the most gorgeous cities in the country.  It also appealed to me because it was the setting for the Spirit of the Marathon documentary. But when it all came down to financials and logistics, I thought it best to stay close to home and keep the traveling down to a minimum.  So I finally selected one of the oldest and established races in my state.

The Space Coast Marathon

Space shuttle blast off

The traveling will be a bare minimum.  I won’t have to worry myself with change in time zones or catching a flight.  The location of this race series is just on the other side of the state and I have friends that I could stay with over night to keep the cost even closer to my budget.  If you didn’t know, racing can get expensive.

Finally, I had to figure out the HOW: 

I have completed six half marathons, and countless other smaller races since I began running.  And I have seen progression since the beginning, going from a 2:27 half marathon to a 2:04 in just 5 months.  Most importantly, I have managed to complete all of these races injury free.  However, I have had a little bit of hip soreness at the completion of two of my races.  As much as I’ve felt accomplished and successful on my own up to this point, I have often wondered if my solitary training will be sufficient enough to keep me injury free while training for 26.2.  The slightest tweak in my posture and technique would only manifest as a minor annoyance after 13 miles, but could  turn into a serious injury when that distance is doubled.  So for my own peace of mind,  I have enlisted the help of a running coach.

She has written up a plan for me for the next few months and will be evaluating my progression along the way.  Starting off, I will be running three days a week along with two days of cross training and one day of yoga.

I’m very anxious to begin my training and get back to working on what I enjoy so much.   And of course, I am looking forward to sharing all the details of my training with you.

So there you have it.  Another marathoning mommy on the rise.

Do you use a coach or running club for support during your training?  What factors in when you decide on a race?

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3 thoughts on “Marathoning Mama”

  1. It was great to meet you tonight! How exciting that you’ve made this decision. Maybe it sounds strange, but I really enjoyed the process of marathon training. I was debating what to make my second marathon, and I as thinking about this one. I think I’m going to end up doing Jacksonville Bank, though. What do you think your goal half will be for the sub 2? Also, my first half was the W&D as well!

    1. I haven’t decided which half to try for the sub 2 quite yet. I guess I should figure that out, huh? Any suggestions???
      It was really good to meet you too! I don’t get out much, but I will really work on getting a sitter in the future so I can go to more events like last night.

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