Movie and Television Inspired Running Playlist 4-3-13

My close friends know that I’m a movie buff. I’m one of those ridiculous people who finds a movie quote for most situations. Just last night I heard someone say something at work and I was immediately reminded of the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Funny flick, but way too much male frontal nudity for my viewing pleasure. I like Jason Segel, but not THAT MUCH.

So anyways, what I’m trying to get across is that I tend to watch a lot of movies. I prefer to stay current on the new releases, but having a toddler doesn’t really allow a lot of time to be spent inside a movie theatre. So by today’s standards, I’m a little late on most movie trends, however, I do max out my cable bill with the premium movie channels. I got a great deal from the Eatel official website and I love watching all of the premium channels. There’s so many amazing things to watch on there! Finding the right TV and internet package for my needs involved a lot of research though! There are so many different bundles out there it can be hard to know which one is right for you. For example, my best friend always finds that at&t plans work best for her as she enjoys watching HBO. It is all about shopping around to find the best TV and internet package for you I guess! Anyway, I’m always spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a movie. Just this weekend I saw Snow White and The Huntsman. Honestly, it was playing on HBO and so I was planning to fall asleep while watching this fairy tale made feature film. I’m a big fan of Charlize Theron so I was intrigued to see her take on the role of the wicked queen. Much to my viewing enjoyment, I watched the whole flipping thing. I was up until nearly 1:00am watching this film. I would def recommend it for an adults only evening on the couch – a little violent for children. What I really enjoyed the most from this film was the song playing in the ending credits. I didn’t need any help diciphering the artist. Flo and the Machine is a dominant artist on my iPod. I was only disappointed that I hadn’t heard this track before. So immediately, I downloaded it and set it to my new running playlist. It’s very dark and mysterious, but I like just enough of those types of songs for my running playlists(rp). So keeping with the theme of television and movies, here is my Running Playlist for the week.

I found another track on a commercial from last week. It’s more or less a remix of one of my fav Adele songs, but totally energetic. Here it is.

I found this next song on a little Rom Com with Reese Witherspoon. It’s high energy and lyrics about being Unstoppable and not being able to be held down are perfect for a rp.

My music inquiries are not limited to just movies, I find songs during commercials too. Just this week I heard a clip from an American Airlines commercial featuring a Kanye West song from my rp. (Side Note: I’m not a huge fan of the person Kanye West is, but I do enjoy some of his music – so try not to judge me too harshly based on this)

I found this song a few years back while watching So you think you can dance. It’s one of the only reality competition shows that I watch. This song being featured during one of the coreographed routines. I just recently added it onto my rp last month and fell back in love with it.

I play around on IMDB way too much, but at least I discover some cool tracks while goofing around. This one is from the Imagine Dragons (cool name) featured on the movie Perks of being a Wallflower. It starts out slow, but picks up tempo by 0:27 and begins a nice beat to keep cadence.

(For some reason the youtube video of the Florence and the Machine wouldn’t post to the top of my page. So here is the song from Snow White and the Huntsman that I was referring to.)

Do you have any special songs from your running playlist that were inspired or featured on a soundtrack? How do you find your fitness music?

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