#mrttLove Three Years In the Making

Today is a very special day for me.  Aside from the fact that three years ago today, I was 9 months pregnant with my second child, today also marks the third birthday of the Riverview chapter of Moms Run This Town for which I am happy to call myself the leader.

It was this week three years ago that I made the decision, despite knowing I would possibly be unable to run following the surgical birth of my son, to cultivate a community of women who could gather for the sake of companionship and fellowship centered around their mutual love of running.

Truthfully, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since I established this chapter.  When I crafted the idea in my head, I had envisioned a group of ladies running and chatting together, but had absolutely no idea of the magnitude and enthusiasm waiting in our future. I just wanted others to run with me.  It was all done quite selfishly if you really want the truth.  I knew nothing about the new area to which we were moving, but I knew I wanted to run and needed others to run with.  What transpired out of that desire was pure luck.

The chapter took a few months to gain momentum, but once it did, the nucleus of the group was all we needed.  Almost every single Saturday since, those first few gals have gathered together behind that McDonald’s’ parking lot, each week, adding a few new faces to the mix.  A friend of a friend, a colleague or neighbor.  We’ve even been guilty of chasing after random ladies on the trail in hopes to persuade them to join our group.  Some running faster and farther because of it.


It’s true what they say.  If you want to go fast, go at it alone.  If you want to go far, go out together.

Amidst these amazing women, I have seen first time marathoners conquering their first twenty six point two.  I have seen casual runners become die hard 5am early birds.  I have crossed finish lines beside them. I’ve pinned bibs on them and they’ve pinned bibs on me. I’ve learned their coffee preferences after countless trips to Starbucks. We’ve roadtripped together. Our kids have become friends together.  I’ve poured them mimosas at 6am in the pouring rain while spectating at races with them.  I’ve cheered louder and prouder than ever before because of the women in my badass lady gang.  I’ve witnesses amazing spirit and determination within these spectacular women and I am proud to be part of their tribe.


Thank you to the fabulous ladies of my MRTT/SRTT for giving me so many amazing miles.  And for all the friendship and love that fills my heart.


I love ya batches.


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