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Often times, when I need advice, I survey my runner friends for their personal recommendations on every thing running related.  From shoes to workout tunes, I am constantly hitting them up for advice on what I should be using.  So I thought it would only be natural for me to share a list of the products and gear that I like to use.

The following list consists of not only the items that I use, but the items that I highly recommend to others.  Some of these items I have tried several different variations of before settling on the following specific versions.  In a way, I give these my personal seal of approval.




BOB Revolution Stroller – I currently have both the dualie and the single and refused to get rid of either.

Bose SIE2 Sports Headphones

Garmin Fenix 3  

Yoga Mat

Foam Roller



Balega Ultra-Light No Show Athletic Socks

My Favorite Running Bra 

My Favorite Running Tanks 

My Favorite Running TIghts

My Favorite Running Shorts

My Favorite Hat/Visor

My Favorite Compression Socks

Current Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline GTS

My Favorite Cross Trainers 




Salted Caramel GU

Nuun Electrolyte Tablets



Haley is a wife, SAHM, runner and yoga enthusiast. She's a chapter leader for Moms Run This Town and very active in the race community where she lives. She spends her time juggling the duties of motherhood, while training for her various endurance style events.

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