My New Running Buddy

Yesterday I went to my parents house so that my daughter could spend the day with her Nana.  She’d been begging to go for weeks.  So we packed up the car and set off for our hour car ride over the Bay and to Anna Maria Island.  

Naturally, I brought my running gear with me so that I could sneak in a quick training run without the jogging stroller.  – Any time my hubs is out of town, I’m restricted to stroller or treadmill training runs, so I take advantage when I’m at my parents house with the availability of childcare.  – My plan was to take a quick run around the island right before sunset.  It’s such a gorgeous time of day, and the sunset views are breathtaking from the beach.  

Jokingly, while I was lacing up, I told my brother, who was lounging on the couch, that he could come too. Surprisingly, he agreed.  

I verbally prepped him while I finished gearing up, telling him that I was planning to run 4 miles around the tip of the island and that he could tag along as long as he wanted.  I warned him that he shouldn’t expect to run long, and that there was no shame in taking walk breaks.  He inquired about the first time I went for a run.  I, unfortunately, couldn’t think back that far, but told him I definitely didn’t run an entire mile the first attempt.  

My brother is a pretty thin dude, but I wouldn’t call him fit.  He is 6’2″ and about 165 pounds.  (Just to paint a picture).  He is genetically gifted with a high metabolism, like my father.   He’s most definitely a beach bum, but not in the lazy inactive definition.  He’s always boating, kayaking, canoeing, SUPing, biking, walking or swimming, but I’ve never known him to be a runner.      

I was so proud to have him join me, but hadn’t expected him to keep up for as long as he did. We spoke very briefly about my Garmin and how it would keep track of our mileage.   We were almost to the half mile point when he asked me to tell him when we hit a quarter mile.  I smiled and told him he was almost at the half mile point and he kept going.   

One whole mile into my run, he was still keeping pace with me. I was running just over a 10:15.  He slowed down at the end of the street and I told him I’d see him back at home.  A short while later, I turned near the pier, finishing my loop around the island when I spotted him running again.  He was doing walk/run intervals about 30 seconds apart.  I was still a ways behind him, but decided to try to catch up.   A half mile later, I finally reached him and told him I had been watching him.  I was totally shocked!   He was actually enjoying himself and showing great potential.  

When we got back home, I showed him how to use the Nike Run app on his phone and told him if he wanted to run a 5k with me in April, that he could use the app to start training. 
I am so proud of him for his efforts and proud to have possibly sparked another runner’s journey.  It really is contagious.  

I look forward to sharing in his journey and can’t wait to share a victory lap with him through his first finish line.

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6 thoughts on “My New Running Buddy”

  1. Awesome! I have been trying to get my brother, sister and/or mom to join me for 5 years. Hasn’t happened yet, but I am not giving up 🙂

  2. That’s so awesome! You all make running seem so fun! I wish I could run. I never was a fan of running even before my injuries, so I doubt I would stick with it though. It isn’t for everyone. I much prefer walking. 🙂

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