National Running Day- 2014

Happy National Running Day To You!  

National Running Day, which is being celebrated for it’s sixth time, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.  

You can connect with other runners on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to join in on all the fun.  All it takes to participate in this campaign is to get out there are run. You can use the treadmill, run outside, your own course, or even find a race.   Whether you tackle 10 miles or 1 mile, there’s no minimum mileage requirement,  just get out there and run/walk.  



If you’re like me, you have established quite a relationship with your running shoes.  Running makes up so much of who I am today.  Does that sound weird to you?  I guess to someone who doesn’t enjoy the sport, maybe it does sound a little bizarre.    National_running_Day

I credit running with a huge portion of my personal fitness successes.  Ever since I started running long distance, I have felt such a passion for this sport that has transformed my life.  Not to mention, it’s given me the most success with managing my weight post baby.  Last year, I even posted several reasons why I love running.  

Currently, I feel like a part of me is missing, because I’m not able to run regularly like I’ve enjoyed in the past.  But that’s just one of the things I’m missing during my pregnancy. So you better believe that I’m going to get out there today and attempt a few miles in celebration of this wonderful occasion.  Runners Unite all over the world to make this a great day of running!  National_Running_Day_collage


How are you celebrating National Running Day?

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