New Year, New Direction (not the pop band)

This is not going to be the kind of post where I tell ya how committed I am going to be in the upcoming year to goals A, B, and C  And I’m not laying out some spectacular schedule where I tell you to look forward to lifestyle blogs on Tuesdays & Thursdays and Fitness on Fridays. Nope. This post is going far from that direction. Besides, you’ve heard all that crap before. But if you really want to read something like that, you can read my previous end of year posts here, here and here. Or you can google “resolutions for 2017” and you’re sure to find hundreds of similar structured posts like that.

Today I’m finally admitting to everyone, mostly to myself, that this little blog of mine is slowly fading away.  It’s been a long time coming and I need to be honest about the direction I’m taking it.  While most bloggers I know are preparing to increase their blog’s productivity in the new year, I’m preparing to cut back…. like waaaay back.  Like, there’s not going to be any promises in the coming year of how much action this blog will receive.

But don’t worry too much,  I’m not ready to throw in the towel completely. At least not right at this moment. But I need to address my intentions to take a step back with this little side project of mine.   

Blogging has been a struggle for me ever since Harrison was born.

Let’s face it. 2016 didn’t really present a lot of time for me to be typing away at my keyboard. I’ve said it enough on the blog and social media.  Life has been messy and anything but easy for us.  And online journaling has been the furthest thing from my priority list.

Being that I’m as real a realist as there comes these days, I’m not going to toss out a bunch of aspirations and goals for myself for the upcoming year, only to feel unaccomplished and failed by the second week in January.  Sure, I can tell ya all the ways I’m going to stay on track with marathon training, lose the rest of my baby weight, potty train Harrison, etc.. and I genuinely enjoy sharing about these things in my life, but when the dominos fall and life gets messy, or my kids want me to tuck them in or read them a story, I don’t want to have a deadline for a post in the back of my mind.  I’d much rather close my eyes and take the trip to sleepytown.

Blogging started as a creative outlet but now it feels more like an obligation

I started blogging five years ago because I wanted a creative outlet. I wanted a way to reach outside of the four walls of my house and make a connection with the outside world. I was a new mother wanting to share those first years of my life as a parent, and I was a new distance runner needing to share my running adventures with someone other than my non-running husband. But those areas of my life have changed, for the better I might add. And if I’m being fully transparent, Instagram has shifted into that medium for me.

Instagram has become a micro-version of blogging to me.  And I see many others shifting their focus to instagram as well.  It’s like all the connections and content has shrunk, but the quality is still the same.  I can snap a picture with my iphone, edit it in my personal style, add a little story or synopsis, attach a bunch of hashtags and connect with hundreds of others in my niche. And if I’m being honest with myself, and you all, I enjoy the Instagramming scene much more than I have blogging in the past year.

Make no mistake, I got nothing but love for all the amazing bloggers I have met through this digital storytelling journey. I actually have more real-life friends because of writing this little blog of mine. But somethings needed to be placed on the backburner for a while, so that I can take the necessary focus and time on the things that are MOST important right now.  Those things like my family, my business, my personal development, and my social life.

So if you want to connect on the regular and you’re not already doing so, make sure to connect with me on my social platforms where I’ll be much more present.

Here’s the links for my social accounts:  Instagram, twitter, and facebook.  I’m working on some amazing things for myself this year that I’m certain I’ll be sharing at some point soon.  So make sure to check me out on IG where I’m most active. And I want to wish you all the best in the new year and beyond.

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1 thought on “New Year, New Direction (not the pop band)”

  1. Love your honesty, transparency, and commitment to your family first! I feel the same way about Instagram! I “left” blogging for my IG account…I viewed it as daily bloggettes. ☺️ So much more doable as a busy mom! Love ya! Happy New Year!?

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