NYC Marathon Recovery Week

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out part one of my race recap here.  Part two is coming this week.  I promise.


I still can’t believe it’s been a week since the NYC Marathon. I’m still reveling in my finish. I’ve shown my medal to more than a few people and I can’t shut up about it. Sound familiar?
I finally broke down and bought one of the marathonfoto pictures.  I just wanted one, but I hate spending $30 for a single picture.  It was worth it in the end, I guess.  I needed a souvenir to commemorate the occasion.  You know, in addition to the medal and shirt.   nyc marathon finisher pic


Speaking of race shirts. I can’t wait until the weather cools off a little more here in the sunshine state so I can wear mine. It’s been in the frickin’ nineties and it’s just not feeling much like Fall to me. Coming back to Florida from Autumn in New York really bums me out. I love the crisp cool fall weather there. That, and I love the leaves. It was so gorgeous in Central Park. What’s not to love about New York really??? Aside from the traffic and trash?

Anyways, since I’ve been back home from our trip I really haven’t done much of anything. And I truly, honestly mean that. I have been one lazy little bum.
We flew back home late Monday night. I was actually feeling pretty good with all the walking we did around Manhattan and while traveling, but then Tuesday I parked my butt on the couch and floor with the kiddos and didn’t do much of anything, so my legs got a little tight.  By Wednesday, I was ready to foam roll and stretch it out.  I eased myself onto that foam roller, ever so gently.  It hurt….. worse than it’s ever hurt before, but by Thursday night, I could feel it working it’s magic.  I rolled a little Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I did some light stretching with a little legs up the wall action to help with circulation.  I only wore my compression socks Monday and Tuesday, but I could totally tell they aided in recovery.

Overall, I think the walking I did immediately after the race and on Monday helped me recover quickly..  If you even knew how many subway stairs I climbed up and down on Monday you would laugh.  It was dreadful, but somehow I managed it.

Receovery Subway

I’m sure the subways were full of entertainment the immediate days following the race.  Post marathoners are quite a spectacle.  We walk a little like zombies.  (see below video for proof)


Thursday my husband and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.  We had agreed not to do anything on the night of since we had just returned from NY and spent a butt ton of money, but my hubs being the romantic one in our relationship trumped our original decision and surprised me with a baby sitter and dinner at a local sushi restaurant.  He knows I love sushi but don’t get it too often, so it was a very nice surprise.  I cannot complain about that chance in plan.


By the time this past weekend hit, I was itching to lace up and run a little.  I had actually messaged my run group to say that I was going to join them, but I flaked out last minute in favor of resting up another few days.  Truth be told, I have two toenails that are in the process of lifting and falling off.  They’re the same nails that always go whenever I have the increase in mileage. Also, I just couldn’t pull myself away from this little guy.  His snuggles were extra special this week after being away for four days.  Recovery baby

This past weekend, the laziness continued.  We drove to Orlando to enjoy a day at the resort with my hubby’s cousins.  It was dreadfully hot, so we made the best of it.  I guess 90 degree weather in November is not such a bad thing when you’re poolside with a margarita.

Recovery Rossi


To clarify, the margarita was for me, not my (almost) four year old.

Even little man enjoyed himself.

recoery- pool


A few weeks ago, I learned I was selected as one of the brand ambassadors for Momentum Jewelry, and when I returned home, I discovered a package was delivered in my absence.  It just so happened to be my ambassador care package.  I have been wearing my Motivate Wrap ever since.  It’s fitting too, being that I just earned my first marathon medal.



Momentum is currently in the middle of a promotion that I wanted to share as well. From now until November 25th, when you head over to their website and sign up for the newsletter, you will automatically receive a 20% off coupon!

Momentum Newsletter Promotion

Overall, it’s been a relaxing week and I’m glad to be home and back to my routine.  Today begins a whole new training cycle, as I am now nine weeks away from the Disney Marathon.  Officially, my next race is BDR Cape Coral half marathon and I’m thrilled to be aiming for a sub 2 finish.  So my training will be reflecting some more aggressive speed training.  Don’t forget that I have a coupon/discount code  for Best Damn Race!  Use HALEYD to save $5 off registration for Best Damn Race Cape Coral, Safety Harbor, Jacksonville, and Orlando. Be sure to follow along with that training as well.  Now that I’ve got some experience under my belt, I’m approaching my training a little differently and I’ll share that with you soon too.

How do you manage recovery week?

How much time do you allow yourself to rest before picking back up into another training cycle?

Any tips or advice to ease back into another cycle without getting burnt out?

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